'RHOP': Nicki Minaj Is Serious About Replacing Andy Cohen as Host for Season 6 Reunion

Nicki Minaj has entered The Real Housewives of Potomac conversation and she wants to take Andy Cohen’s job. The “Starships” hitmaker is seemingly a big fan of the Bravo series and has expressed interest in hosting the season 6 reunion. Cohen has already reacted to the comment as well as the Potomac stars and it looks like it might actually happen.

What did Nicki Minaj say about hosting the ‘RHOP’ reunion?

Minaj shook the Bravo world when she shared a trailer of the latest season of RHOP. The promo had some of the best scenes of the show’s sixth season, which premiered back on July 11. However, what shocked everyone was the rapper’s claim that she was hosting the season 6 reunion.

“I’ll be hosting the reunion,” she posted on Instagram. “[Let me know] what y’all want me to ask chile.”

Minaj was seemingly assuring that she would be taking over Cohen’s seat as the host of the RHOP Season 6 reunion. Some people didn’t know if she was joking or if she was actually confirming the news. The singer then took to her Instagram Stories and doubled down on what she would like the reunion to look like as a host.

“Don’t move! Everyone binge watch all the episodes cuz we finna get into some thangz hunty,” she wrote. My questions will be well thought out too. Mixed with funny & epic, of course. And Barbz, plz don’t send me a million comments about the album & doc chile just lemme have my moment. We almost there. Promise. Not lying this time. Love you.”


The rapper tagged Cohen in her Instagram Stories and then followed up with another post that made it seem even more real. Minaj shared a screenshot of a text exchange with a publicist close to Cohen.

“Andy Cohen said he would gladly give up his seat to have you host the Potomac reunion. Tapes around October,” the publicist texted.

Minaj replied seemingly excited about the idea of actually hosting the RHOP reunion. The publicists then said they were “getting details” about making it happen.

The ‘RHOP’ stars react to Nicki Minaj hosting the reunion

After Minaj shared that she was hosting the RHOP reunion, it wasn’t long before the stars of the reality series reacted just as shocked as the fans.

“Are we expected to sit there and act all normal?!?! Omg the pressure!!!” Robyn Dixon replied to a post on Queens of Bravo.

“All right now,” Karen Huger replied, which received another reply by Minaj saying, “Yes ma’am. I know a thing or 2 about being the Grand Dame.”

The Bravo TV official Instagram account got into the mix and suggested Minaj collaborate with Candiace Dillard in her new song “Drive Back.” Minaj was initially unaware of what the account was referring to, but once explained said that she would need to “get into some thangz with sissy.”

Dillard also replied adding, “C’mom thennnnnn!!!!”

Whether Minaj ends up hosting the RHOP Season 6 reunion remains to be seen. However, all this attention around the Bravo series is exciting as it continues to prove why the show is so iconic.

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 6 airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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