Richard Madeley confirms Im A Celeb stint as Susanna Reid catches him out

Richard Madeley seemed to confirm his I'm A Celebrity stint after slipping up live on Good Morning Britain, when Susanna Reid appeared to catch him out.

The 65-year-old GMB host was presenting the show alongside Susanna, when she caught him out in a major slip-up that has left fans convinced that Richard will be entering the castle.

He refused to rule out his appearance on the hit reality show after it was rumoured that he had signed up to enter the castle with this year's cohort of celebs.

The host said that ITV had told him to say he neither was nor wasn't starring in the show.

He then dropped a bombshell when he confessed that he'd had a medical, which is something celebrities need to have in order to enter the jungle – or in this year's case, castle.

Andi Peters was on air to promote ITV's million pound competition, when he said: "With that kind of money, you could be drinking flat whites out of gold-encrusted cups and saucers."

He then teased the host about his suspected I'm A Celeb stint, when he said: "Oh, you won't get this in the jungle, Richard!"

Richard replied: "Listen mate, I'd kill for a coffee right now."

Before admitting: "I've got to go for a routine medical about midday today where you've got to fast for 12 hours, so I'm not even allowed tea and doing this show without caffeine!"

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Susanna then tried to catch the host out and hinted at his potential appearance in the Welsh castle when she said: "Why are you going for a routine medical?"

Richard defended himself and said: "Oh, because I'm very old, Susanna, for insurance."

"Oh… right. Hmm," Susanna replied, unconvinced.

"You going to make everything into everything?" Richard exclaimed.

Susanna had pressed her co-host on this topic earlier on in the show when she said: "Are you doing anything in a month's time, Richard, that means you can't stay with us for more than a month?"

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"She means I'm A Celebrity," Richard explained to the viewers.

"Because there are rumours that you are going into the jungle – the Welsh jungle," she pressed.

"I'm asked this every year and I usually give an equivocal reply," Richard replied.

"And I've checked with ITV what they want me to say about it because I may be going in and I may not be going in."

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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