Seven Emmerdale spoilers for this week as Victoria Sugden goes into labour

EMMERDALE fans are in for an emotional ride this New Year’s Day as Victoria Sugden gives birth to her rapist Lee’s child.

Here's what's going down in the Dales this week…

Victoria’s waters break

Victoria heads to a New Year’s Eve party and throws herself into the celebrations.

But she ends up leaving before the bells toll when her baby starts kicking.

And as the New Year fireworks go off, Victoria's waters break.

Victoria, played by Isabel Hodgins, decided to go ahead with her pregnancy after finding out she was expecting after being raped by evil Lee Posner.

Victoria gives birth

Emmerdale fans are in for an emotional ride this New Year’s Day as Victoria gives birth to her rapist Lee’s child.

Victoria is scared to look at her baby but immediately falls in love when she holds her child for the first time.

Aaron can't cope

At Mill Cottage, Chas brings news of Victoria going into labour.

But Aaron can only think of a year stretching ahead without Robert and doesn’t know whether he even wants to see the baby.

Diane worries about Wendy

As Victoria packs up to leave the hospital, Diane worries about Victoria having to face Lee's mum Wendy when she gets back to the village.

Will Wendy manage to keep her distance?

Emmerdale fans have been suspicious of Wendy’s motives since she moved into the village ahead of the baby's birth.

With her grandson now on the scene, it's likely that her meddling in Victoria's life has only just begun.

Leyla and Liam flirt

At the salon, Liam ropes Leyla into helping with a children’s spa party after Mandy and Kerry don’t show up for work.

Leyla’s feelings for Liam intensify as she watches him do manicures and hair braiding for the children.

Will they finally admit their attraction to one another and get it together?

Al steals money from Kim

Shifty Al will be caught stealing from Kim this week as he battles to pay off his debts.

Viewers know that Al has been going to desperate lengths to keep his dodgy secret hidden and has even been trying to get his son Ellis to invest in his business.

Al has recently partnered with Kim following the tragic factory fire to create an outdoor adventure park.

In a stupid and desperate move this week, he tries to steal some money from the safe to pay the loan sharks.

But Jai is lurking in the shadows and catches Al robbing from the business. Is it game over for him?

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