Sigourney Weaver on Playing an 'Awful' Version of Herself in Call My Agent!: 'It's Great Fun'

Sigourney Weaver's latest acting role is as herself — though a "somewhat awful version" of herself.

The award-winning star is featured in an episode of the fourth season of the French comedy series Call My Agent!, which premiered on Netflix Thursday. The series follows a group of talent agents in Paris who must juggle their clients' tall tasks, all while navigating their own personal lives.

"The wonderful thing about being in Call My Agent! is you play some sort of version of yourself," Weaver tells PEOPLE. "In my case, a somewhat awful version of myself comes over to France to do a love story." 

The actress, 71, continues, "She decided that she wanted to be with a much younger man instead of the older, very good actor they've chosen, and she works behind the scenes with the agents to get her way."

Weaver admits that "it's weird" to play oneself, but also "great fun" to take on an altered persona.

"I tried to push it as much as I could and be quite as awful as I could imagine, which was really enjoyable," says the Alien star, who spoke fluent French prior to her role in Call My Agent! but spent about a month brushing up on the language with a teacher.

Weaver, who also stars in the upcoming movie My Salinger Year, has been a fan of Call My Agent! since a friend told her about it at the close of its first season, at which point she says she binged the entire thing.

"I don't usually binge-watch, but in that case I did — I just gobbled [the episodes] up," she says. "They were just delicious, and a kind of love letter to the strange situations that actors find themselves in and how they can sometimes need agents."

As for what she's watching now, Weaver says she likes to take in a "broad" array of shows and movies. In addition to being a fan of films from famed French director Robert Bresson, she recently got into Netflix's hit period drama, Bridgerton, with her daughter. 

"I think we're all very grateful to all these streaming services," she says, "for giving us these wonderful stories that are helping us get through this time where we're all thrown together with a lot of challenges."

Season 4 of Call My Agent! is streaming on Netflix.

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