Simon McCoy blasted after ‘upsetting’ GB News co-host Kirsty Gallacher ‘Stop it!’

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Simon McCoy and Kirsty Gallacher were joined by comedian Dave Chawner on the Great British Breakfast on Tuesday. The comedian picked out intriguing stories from the morning’s newspapers but presenter Kirsty was left “upset” and “disgusted” by one article in particular. However, when former BBC broadcaster Simon teased his co-star, she lashed out at him.

Dave explained parents had been left horrified by a cafe using drawings of Peppa Pig to sell bacon sandwiches. 

“I’m disgusted,” Kirsty remarked while Simon asked: “This has really upset you, hasn’t it?”

“Yes it has,” she replied. “I’m sorry, doesn’t it upset you?”

Kirsty explained as a mother she was unhappy with the cafe using images of a cartoon designed for young children.

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She began to reel off the list of characters as Dave remarked: “I love how you know the full cast.”

“That’s six breakfasts,” Simon quipped and Kirsty hit back: “Stop it!”

She pretended to smack his arm but Simon commented: “You nearly got me there and I’ve got witnesses.”

As the discussion moved on, the former BBC broadcaster rubbed his arm.

“I didn’t touch you!” Kirsty skewered before asking Dave to point out another news article. 

More to follow…

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