Sneaky Pete Cancelled at Amazon

Sneaky Pete couldn’t sneak his way into another season: Amazon has cancelled the Giovanni Ribisi-led con man drama after three seasons, our sister site Variety reports.

The series, starring Ribisi as a crook who steals his cellmate’s identity and lies his way into a family of strangers after his release from prison, started out as a CBS pilot, getting picked up by Amazon after the Eye network passed. Co-creator David Shore (The Good Doctor) then stepped down as showrunner, and Graham Yost (Justified) was installed to retool the would-be procedural and transform it into a serialized drama, which premiered on Amazon in August 2015. Yost stayed on as showrunner until Season 3, when he was succeeded by Blake Masters (Falling Water).

Season 3, which debuted on the streamer last month, saw the Bernhardt/Bowman clan traveling cross-country, where they were led to believe that a long-dead family member was still alive. (No, “Pete” never came clean about his true identity.) The cancellation caps Sneaky Pete‘s run at a total of 30 episodes.

TVLine’s Streaming Scorecard has been updated to reflect the news. (The show was also one of our Peak TV Treasures, by the way.) Will you miss Sneaky Pete? Hit the comments below and share your reaction to the cancellation.

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