Spoilers: Sad exit drama revealed for Sean in Coronation Street

Whenever Sean Tully’s (Antony Cotton) son, Dylan (Liam McCheyne) visits Coronation Street, it always remains the same thing – a visit.

He hangs out in Weatherfield for a few weeks, enjoys spending time with his dad, and then heads back home to his mum.

However, that’s all set to change.

For Dylan’s last night with him, Sean offers to organise a dinner.

However, when Sean is called into the pub for work, Glenda (Jodie Prenger) has an idea.

Later on, Sean arrives at the bistro to discover Glenda and Mary (Patti Clare) have invited James (Nathan Graham) to Dylan’s soiree.

When James suggests a kickabout before dinner, Dylan admits that actually, he really likes it in Weatherfield and doesn’t want to go home.

But how will Sean react to Dylan’s news?

Will Violet, Dylan’s mum, allow him to stay?

In the past, Sean has struggled to connect with Dylan as they both share very different interests.

If he stays in Weatherfield permanently, will Sean realise he will need to change his lifestyle – potentially for years – in order to be there for his son?

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