Stacey Solomon hits back as she’s trolled for being stupid and having an ‘annoying voice’ on Big Fat Quiz Of The Decade – The Sun

STACEY Solomon has hit back at trolls who branded her stupid and said she had an “annoying voice” when she appeared on Big Fat Quiz Of The Decade.

The 30-year-old shared a series of nasty tweets that had been written about her being on the show last night before blasting out the Taylor Swift anthem Shake If Off.

One cruel message read: “Absolutely love watching these shows every year and can even watch when I dislike one guest…

“But Stacey Solomon – her voice and just her being her – is the most annoying person EVER! Will let this one past thank you.”

Another said:  “How does Stacey get through life with her level of intelligence?”

Showing she wasn’t bothered, Stacey proceeded to film herself dancing, while telling her fans: “People are always going to have something to say but as long as you know who are you are that is all that matters.

“Do what makes you happy… haters gonna hate, hate, hate, no matter what, Just be you.”

The star added:  “They aren’t worth your time or energy.”

Stacey had previously told fans how excited she was to be on Big Fat Quiz Of The Decade.

She wrote: “Can’t believe I got to do this… I never watch shows I’m on but this one is my absolute favourite.

The mum-of-three rose to fame on the X Factor before cementing a place for herself as a TV presenter.

She now appears regularly on Loose Women and has become an advocate for body positivity amongst her fans.

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