Stephen Bear's girlfriend Jessica Smith hits back at fans begging her to dump star after sex video and says 'I love him'

STEPHEN bear's girlfriend Jessica Smith has ignored Twitter pleas to ditch him after their sex video went viral.

Instead she slammed people for "obsessing" over their relationship and told them "I love my boyfriend with all my heart".

The couple shocked social media users earlier this week when an explicit video of them in a hotel bathroom in Turkey was shared.

The graphic clip was used by the couple to plug their respective X-rated subscription sites, and Bear even claimed it had made him $1million in 12 hours.

But it also attracted a heavy backlash which prompted a response on Twitter from Jessica.

She wrote: "People should worry about their own sex life before commenting on ours … people must be so bored in the bedroom to be so obsessed with us.

"I love my boyfriend with all my heart.x @stephen__bear."

Yesterday we revealed Bear could face up to four years in prison in Turkey after sharing the video online.

According to the country's strict internet regulations, Bear has broken two laws by producing an “unnatural sex” video and then sharing it – with the maximum punishment being four years for making it, and three years for putting it on social media.

In April 2015, Turkey’s Constitutional Court ruled it illegal for the production, ownership or distribution of pornographic materials containing “unnatural sexual behaviour”.

The law adds that “any person who produces, conveys into the country, offers for sale, sells, transports, stores or offers for the use of others written or audio-visual materials of sexual acts performed with the use of force, animals, a human corpse, or in any other unnatural manner shall be sentenced to a penalty of imprisonment for a term of one to four years.”

These “unnatural" acts include oral, anal, group, gay and lesbian sexual encounters.

Bear’s clip has been viewed over 1,200 times and retweeted the same number of times by shocked followers.

One wrote: "That Stephen Bear video has ruined my whole week and it’s not even started yet."

Another said: "How do I unsee the Stephen Bear video, I wanna bleach my eyes."

A third commented: "That Stephen Bear video has ruined my whole day. I need therapy after that."

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