Taskmasters Lucy Beaumont on working with husband Jon Richardson

This week’s new series of Taskmaster brings a fresh batch of comedians to our screens, including Lucy Beaumont, who is not the first in her family to take part in the competition.

Lucy’s husband, comedian Jon Richardson, was runner-up in 2016 – but the Meet The Richardsons star says she wasn’t too bothered about getting tips from her other half.

“He said, ‘Really think about the prize you take in’ – but I didn’t listen to him,” she admits. “He does give me advice for a lot of shows we do but I don’t listen. With Celebrity Bake Off, he said, ‘You’ve got to practise your dish beforehand loads of times,’ but I didn’t do that.”

Lucy, 40, says she was at a disadvantage as she took on Greg Davies and Alex Horne’s tasks alongside Julian Clary, Sue Perkins, Enola Holmes star Susan Wokoma and Australian stand-up Sam Campbell.

“I wasn’t very well when we did some of the tasks at the Taskmaste r house. I had a virus, but even then I still absolutely loved it,” she says. “I almost forgot I was ill. It’s just so freeing. You learn a lot about yourself.”

“I learnt that I’m feral,” she laughs. “I would just do everything in quite an animalistic way.”

Despite embracing her wild side in the competition, Lucy doesn’t reckon she fared particularly well. “I try to not go into anything thinking I’ll do well – I don’t think I’m very good at doing anything,” she says. “Not even making a cup of tea. But on the show, I wasn’t proven right and I wasn’t proven wrong.”

She says one improvement Channel 4 could make would be to up its incentives.

“I never had that thing of wanting to win. Maybe if there had been a cash prize. That’s where they’ve gone wrong,” she laughs. “And it would have to be a really large amount of money as well – life-changing.”

She says it was nice to take a break from working with Jon, who she films Celebrity Gogglebox and Meet The Richardsons with. “I much prefer being solo – I end up coming back looking years younger,” she says.

“Taskmaster is one of those shows that every comic wants to do and I like anything that’s silly. I don’t think there are enough silly things on TV these days.”

Taskmaster airs on Thursday 21st September at 9pm on Channel 4.

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