Teen Mom fans accuse Kayla Sessler of 'blackfishing' for appearing to have darker skin in glam new video

TEEN Mom fans slammed Kayla Sessler for 'blackfishing' after a recent video.

The Teen Mom 2 posted a video of herself in which she's glammed up with full contoured makeup, two toned lips and wearing her long wavy hair down past her shoulders.

Her makeup seems darker than usual which led fans to accuse her of 'blackfishing'.

Blackfishing is when people use makeup or tanning to make their skin appear darker and is usually seen as a form of cultural appropriation.

Fans shared grabs of the video to Facebook group with some saying, "this has to stop."

"Is it bad that it feels like she's blackfishing to me," wrote one fan in the comments, to which another replied, "Oh yes, hardcore blackfacing [sic]."

Another fan wrote: "Blackfishing much."

And another added: "Is she blackfishing."

Kayla, 22, has yet to respond to the accusations but has been busy posting sweet snaps of daughter Ariah, after her fight with her baby daddy, Stephan's mom.

Kayla shares her daughter Ariah with fiancé Luke Davis and has son Izaiah, three, with ex Stephan Alexander.

An explosive clip dropped last week from the upcoming season of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant showed her in a physical fight with Stephan's mother Annette.

In the clip, which aired during the Teen Mom 2 reunion special, production security staff had to break up the fight.

The clip showed Kayla sat down with Annette before the two got into a disagreement, with Kayla accusing Izaiah’s grandmother of being absent.

“You told me to leave you alone because you wanted to be left alone," Annette said.

The altercation escalated when Annette called her grandchild's mother a b***h, prompting Kayla to lash out "don't call me a b***h.

Stephen's mother then slammed her purse on the table and proceeded to lunge at the mom-of-two.

MTV security immediately intervened to separate the two as Kayla got knocked off her chair and fell to the ground.

"What are you gonna do, hit me? Real classy. Real f***ing classy. That's why you won't ever see Izaiah again," Kayla said as she got back on her feet.

The altercation continued with Annette still swinging as security held her back.

She then ripped up some money that Kayla had thrown at her to pay for clothes Izaiah's grandmother claimed she had bought the toddler.

Back in May, Kayla revealed that Izaiah's father hadn't seen his son since he was a year old.

She told a fan who asked if her son had contact with his father during an Instagram Q&A: "Remember the scene last season where I took Izaiah to the park to meet Stephan?

"Yeah, that was the last time. I was still pregnant with Ariah and Zay was only one."

Back in February 2018, court papers exclusively obtained by The Sun, showed Kayla filed a complaint for support against Stephan, four months after the birth of their son.

A month later, Stephan was ordered to pay $124 per month in temporary child support, but that April the amount was adjusted to $40 a month until June 2036.

Both Kayla and Stephan listed their monthly income at $751. Stephan listed MTV – New Remote Productions as his employer.

Kayla later posted her child support check in the amount of $11.07 from her ex on Instagram.

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