Teen Mom fans slam Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason for wearing Confederate flag on his shirt

FANS of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed her husband David Eason for wearing a shirt brandishing the Confederate flag.

David, 33, was seen wearing a black t-shirt with a Confederate flag on the sleeve in a video Jenelle, 29, posted to TikTok.

The former Teen Mom 2 star posted a video of the couple trapped in a drive-thru car wash when fans spotted the flag on his shirt.

"The #carwash stopped when we were inside!" Jenelle captioned the TikTok which showed David leaning out of the window to talk to one of the carwash attendants.

While some commented they'd had a similar experience or how the incident would trigger their anxiety, some called out the flag with some using vomit emojis in response to highlight their disgust.

"It's the confederate shirt flag for me," wrote one TikTok user along a 'sick face' emoji.

Another added: "Is that a confederate flag on his sleeve? Da f**k?"

And a third said: "Not the confederate flag."

Many consider the Confederate flag to be racist as it was once used to symbolize "the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race," wrote the Savannah Morning News editor William Tappan Thompson in 1863.

In modern-day America “people find the flag offensive because they understand the message it is meant to convey,” according to Dr. William Horne, a postdoctoral fellow at Villanova University.

“White Americans deploy the flag to communicate specific ideas about white supremacy and racial hierarchy that formed the basis of the Confederacy,” Dr. Horne told Teen Vogue.

In fact, a 2020 survey found the majority of Southerners now deemed the flag to be racist, more so than a symbol of "Southern pride."

David, who married Jenelle, 29, in 2017, has never been a stranger to controversy.

In a recent Instagram Live video, the 32-year-old answered questions from fans as he showed off a toilet paper holder he made.

He then stated in an Asian accent: "Hey, $100. You wipe your butt with this very special butt paper holder for $100.

"Okay, very special. You gotta have a lot of money."

A number of Teen Mom 2 fans rushed to Reddit to slam David as "racist" for his behavior in the shocking video.

Back in April, fans slammed the former MTV star for "mocking" the Asian community in another TikTok clip.

In the video, David was seen making himself a hot dog and bacon sandwich with kimchi, a traditional Korean side dish.

He appeared to impersonate an Asian person while giving a step-by-step guide to making his "Korean hot dog."

A number of fans slammed David for the clip, as one MTV fan wrote: "What an ignorant t**l. Ugh."

The North Carolina native regularly shares photos of himself posing with Confederate flags, while he has also openly defended using the N-word.

He previously wrote on a Facebook post: "What's the problem? They call themselves n***a all day every day.

"Even lifting up the word like it's elegant in their songs. Not that I think it's right but life is a two-way street."

Despite receiving plenty of backlash from fans, Jenelle has openly defended her controversial husband.

David was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2018 after he posted tweets many fans found offensive and hateful toward the LGBTQ community.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Jenelle defended her husband's controversial behavior.

The mother of three said: "David has nothing against gay people or trans people. He'd just rather not hang out with them."

The former reality star added that he's always "nice and respectful" when he has been around the LGBTQ community in social situations.

Jenelle and David share 4-year-old daughter Ensley, while he also helps raise her sons Jace, 11, and Kaiser, six.

Additionally, David is the father to 13-year-old daughter Maryssa and 7-year-old son Kaden.


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