The Cabins’ new bombshells revealed as ‘annoying’ Daisy and celeb-obsessed Curtis as they arrive to shake show up

THE Cabins is set to get a double dose of fun tomorrow as new arrivals Curtis and Daisy arrive shake things up.

The bubbly pair prefer belly laughs to cool swagger and are looking forward to having a giggle in the cosy retreat.

Wolverhampton girl Daisy, 22, accepts her humour might be a bit much for some, but insists she is a good egg.

Describing herself, she says: "Funny, but some people don’t enjoy my sense of humour. I’m very sarcastic and my parents get annoyed with it. I think I’m bubbly. Just a nice person.

"My parents would 100 per cent say she’s annoying and thinks she’s right all the time. My best friend, they’d say very confident, I’m determined. I’m a go-getter. My friends think I’m funny, they think I’m pretty and smart… they’re my number one fans."

Her dream men might be Hollywood A-listers Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, but she says she's looking for a romance like Jim and Pam from The US Office.

The Cabins will be just her third time dating, and she's confident it will be her best yet.

She says of her ideal date: "One where I’m laughing all the time – I want to be laughing where your tummy hurts and you can’t breathe and you look at them and think, ‘You’re a bit daft, I like you’.”

Recruitment consultant Curtis, 22, has a soft spot for "elite" Ariana Grande and says the pint-sized singer would be his dream date.

He's not afraid to try his luck with celebs either, having messaged an array of stunners on boozy nights.

“I’ve definitely sent the odd drunk DM to a celeb in the hope they’d read it, but I know they won’t," he says.

"No response. I’ve definitely DM’d Mila Kunis before. Just because, you never know. Some of the Love Islanders who come out single, I’ve messaged them [to say I can be] the shoulder to cry on. No responses so far.”

And when it comes to trading war stories in the cabin, it'll take a good effort for anyone to beat Curtis's.

Recalling a painful incident from his youth, he says: "I got run over when I was 12. I chipped my hip bone. I was running away from my mate at school. Knocked myself out. My mum’s a paramedic. She rocked up in her
ambulance and picked me up.”

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