The Chase fans in uproar over monumental Darragh Ennis loss Hes lost the plot!

The Chase: Contestants beat Darragh Ennis to win £11,000

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The newest member of The Chase team, Darragh Ennis, took on a team of four hopefuls during Wednesday’s episode of the ITV quiz show. The Chaser managed to whittle the team down to three – but he ended up losing to the trio during the Final Chase. However, the fashion in which Darragh failed to beat the team caught the eye of viewers at home, as The Menace gave the team a staggering eight chances to push him back in the head to head.

The loss came as the newest Chaser uncharacteristically faced several slip-ups during the final round, which led to the contestants’ victory.

Paul, Lynsey and Sarah made it through with £11,000 to the final round, where they had to answer enough questions correctly without being caught up with by Darragh.

They managed to secure 16 points before the Chaser took his turn.

“It’s been a winning score before,” host Bradley Walsh commented adding: “But it’s low.”

Surprisingly, Darragh slipped on the second question and seemed to have a hard time from then on.

The 41-year-old allowed for the possibility of eight pushbacks as he gave a flurry of wrong answers.

Among the questions he messed up, one had been: “In 1890, who became queen of the Netherlands?”

Another included: “The LMS Jubilee Class was what type of transport?”

Darragh answered “ship”, but the players managed to steal the point by answering “train”.

As well as getting several answers wrong, the Chaser also seemed to take a while to respond to the questions.

Eventually, the team ended up winning, with Bradley commenting: “Eight pushbacks, five executed – you needed pushbacks.”

Darragh admitted he “got a few wrong” as he congratulated the trio, who were splitting the £11,000 equally.

Observing the Chaser’s poor game, Chris Morris on Twitter commented: “Not your greatest day at the office @bones_giles #TheChase.”

Ivor Hillman added: “Time to get rid of Darren as a Chaser on the Chase….very poor.”

@lukereddevil7: “The Chaser had a true shocker there, the team deserved the win… #thechase.”

“Blimey darragh, not your best day today #TheChase,” @adoretks wrote.

@lea_constanzo penned: “The menace ain’t on fire tonight, what is goin on #TheChase.”

@MsSallyBowles sympathised with Darragh, writing: “Poor Darragh lost the plot which is unusual.

“Always annoys me when contestants take the low offer and then take a better share of the winnings #thechase.”

“Darragh has lost the plot. #thechase,” Andi5008 shared. (sic)

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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