The Chase fans left in hysterics as bosses change WWE superfan contestant’s name

The Chase fans were left tickled pink on Friday evening after ITV bosses decided to change a contestant's name mid-show.

During the latest episode of the hit quiz programme hosted by Bradley Walsh, one hopeful made the mistake of telling Brad how he had an alter-ego.

Explaining his love of WWE wrestling, the former teacher revealed his alter ego wrestler name is Force of Nature.

In a hilarious twist, his name on the digital desk behind him changed without warning to "Force".

From then on in, Bradley only referred to him as Force.

Despite the digital switch-up not being specifically flagged by Bradley, eagle-eyed viewers didn't take long to notice the change.

One fan remarked: "Changing his name on the panel for this guy to his nickname ‘Force’ is just the best banter! #TheChase."

"His name is something ordinary but he dreams of being a wrestler called 'Force of Nature' so they changed his screen… and of course Bradley can't let go of a non funny joke…. #TheChase," a second moaned.

Meanwhile, a third chimed in: "Wow. #TheChase they changed his name to force? I wasn't really paying attention."

In a major coincidence, his final question was about WWE.

Beaming away, Force correctly answer the question meaning he made it back home safe to play with his fellow contestants in the Final Chase.

Overjoyed by the stroke of luck, one viewer tweeted: "Love it! #WWE fan goes through in #TheChase with a final question about WWE."

Joining Mike and Mandy, Force managed to help bag a total of £23,000 in the prize pot.

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Host Bradley was also stunned adding: "That doesn't happen.

"That never happens. That is the computer that. It is written in the stars."

Smirking, Force replied: "That kind of luck is the force of nature."

In the Final Chase, the contestant's correctly answered 14 questions.

Sadly it wasn't enough and they were caught with 27 seconds remaining.

The Chase continues weekdays, 5pm on ITV

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