The Fun Experience of Escape Rooms in Canada

Escape rooms are a pretty fun experience. They’re a truly novel invention of modernity. Have you ever tried playing in a quest room or a locker room? Escape rooms don’t feel like traditional outdoors activities, what they resemble most is video games. Indeed, the idea of escape rooms was primarily inspired by video games. They have the same feel, the same dynamics, except that you’re not sitting in front of your screen. Doesn’t this sound innovative and unique? Physical activity has never been more fun: you can move, socialize and solve riddles at the same time, thanks to this new quaint idea.

Together with your friends, you’re left alone in a tightly-packed, carefully designed escape room, and your task is to get out of it by solving riddles and passing challenges. You spend time looking for clues, cooperating with your comrades and opening doors in order to get to the next room. Each quest room is not like the rest and presents unique challenges, akin to levels in video games. The atmosphere is rather artistic and immersive, it really helps to feel out of this world. So you try your luck in these crazy rooms, and sometimes it’s just blind luck, sometimes it’s about cooperation, and other times it’s about your logic and intuition.

When it comes to Canadian escape rooms, there’s a great company called Escape Hour. It offers rooms with a captivating and immersive experience. This particular company offers many benefits: the rooms are designed really well, all game sessions are private and never shared with other teams, and the company follows the official COVID-19 recommendations. So is a pretty good choice, especially if you’re physically located around Edmonton and Calgary. This is a really fun experience, so it’s definitely worth trying in one of Canada’s best escape room facilities.

All escape rooms are different. You can always find an escape room that suits your taste in particular. Escape Hour offers several really good choices, such as Five Lives, Bank heist, 5 Elements, among others. Each room feels like a real video game experience, everything is so well designed and thought out that you feel totally immersed in the process, especially if you’re in a company of good friends. There are even escape rooms of a totally new format not seen before: battle. You are divided in two teams and have to compete against each other. This, among other things, is offered by Canadian company Escape Hour.