'The Last Kingdom': Mark Rowley (Finan) Reveals the Hardest Scene to Film in Season 4

In the hit Netflix series The Last Kingdom, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) doesn’t have a more loyal friend than Finan (Mark Rowley). He’s been by his side through so much, including slavery. Rowley, who plays Finan, recently spoke in an interview about season 4 of The Last Kingdom where he reveals which scene was the hardest to film. There are spoilers ahead for the new season.

Who is Finan?

Finan is an Irish warrior sworn to Uhtred. They met as slaves inseason 2, and when they are rescued, Finan becomes Uhtred’s most trusted andloyal man. In season 4, Finan helps Uhtred go on when he loses Father Beocca(Ian Hart) in the attempt to take back Bebbanburg. They are unsuccessful andUhtred is more than devastated. He only continues on when Finan insists that hemust.

Mark Rowley reveals the hardest scene to film in season 4

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WinterIs Coming recently spoke with Rowley about his role in the new season. He revealedwhat the hardest scene to film in season 4 was, and it makes a lot of sense forthose that watch the new season already.

In episode 9 of season 4, Uhtred and his men encounter Haesten (Jeppe Beck Laursen) and his followers while escorting Lady Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth) and Aethelstan. Haesten takes Aelswith, Aethelstan, and Stiorra (Ruby Hartley) to Winchester. Haesten says they are even now since Uhtred took Cnut’s (Magnus Bruun) children from him. He instructs Uhtred and his men to be left to die while tied up.

“Oh, the scene where we are hanging upside down, I know itwas a short scene, but when you have to get upside down all the time, you startto get a headache,” Rowley explained. “You never want to be that actor to belike, ‘guys, I’m getting to the end point now.’ You don’t want to be the firstone, especially you’re trying to be all macho. I’m hoping Ewan is gonna saysomething, because oh my god my head was killing me. I never had to do thatbefore, it was quite an experience.”

It makes sense that being hung from your feet with all theblood rushing to your head would be difficult to film. It doesn’t sound like aparticularly fun experience in the slightest.

How do Uhtred, Finan, and the rest get free?

Uhtred, Finan, and the rest of their crew are tied up from atree by their feet. Haesten leaves two men behind to watch to see who diesfirst, and if it takes too long, they are instructed to kill them on their own.They didn’t account for Eadith (Stefanie Martini) to be there though. She createsa diversion and kills one of the men. She then lets Uhtred, Finan, and the restof the men free.

Season 4 was full of great moments between Uhtred and Finan.They share a unique friendship that really brings a lot to the show. Where wouldone be without the other? It’s hard to imagine.

Fans really seem to enjoy Finan as a character in The Last Kingdom.

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