The Minions of Midas season 2 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

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The Minions of Midas season two could be in store for Netflix following the success of the first season, which arrived on November 13. The Spanish thriller series was created by Miguel Barros and it is loosely based on the short story of the same name by Jack London. Fans are keen to know if there will be another series, and has investigated.

Will there be another series of The Minions of Midas?

The first season of The Minions of Midas arrived in November 2020 and the six-episode series follows a millionaire publisher who is caught up in a blackmailing scandal.

A reporter has threatened to break a story which could change the publisher’s life forever, and fans were keen to see the drama unfold.

However, they may be disappointed to hear the chances of a second season are slim, as the series has been described as a limited series.

With the show being based on a short story, there is not much source material left for the creators to work with, which of course limits what they can do with future episodes.

That being said, there is always the chance the creators could steer away from the source material in order to explore what happens after the end of the short story, so fans will have to wait and see if news of season two comes to light.

When will The Minions of Midas season 2 be released?

Netflix will be reviewing audience statistics in order to determine whether the show warrants a second season, so fans will have to wait a few months to find out any news.

The show has received high praise from critics, with the modern adaptation being described as “staying on the beat” by

They said: “The six-part series is tentative, but at the same time, it does not drag the story, rather it stays on the beat, moving the pace when it feels necessary.

“Many implications are riding on Victor’s story, riding on life and death that makes decision-making a key attribute to the script. As the story moves, the threat feels like it is increasing, compounding the audience with increased tensions.”

Victor Genovés (played by Luis Tosar) is the main character in the series, and he leaves fans on the edge of their seats as a businessman who is forced to hand over a large amount of money to blackmailers.

The binge-worthy series has also been praised for its ability to let fans interpret certain grey areas in their own way.

Who will be in the cast of The Minions of Midas season 2?

Without Netflix confirming season two, it is hard to say who will be in the cast of a second season, but fans can hope to see more of actor Tosar in one form or another.

The first season also stars Marta Belmonte as Mónica Báez, Carlos Blanco as Luis, Willy Toledo Inspector Conte and Marta Milans as María José.

Fans are keen to welcome back the cast, with one saying on Twitter: “I would totally recommend the new mini-series ‘The minions of Midas'” on @netflix based on the 1901 book of Jack London.

“Still contemporary for its debate on morality in the 21st century. Watched all the episodes in one evening! [sic]”

As the series is based on a short story, there is a chance some characters could be explored further and the creators of the series may introduce new characters to act as obstacles for them.

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What will happen in The Minions of Midas season 2?

The series is set in Madrid and the political thriller involves a newspaper organisation, so season two will most likely follow the same idea.

A second season could act as either a sequel or a prequel to the original series, with a prequel exploring Victor’s backstory and how he came to be a successful publisher.

A new season could also further explore the motives of the investigative journalists, and explain how they came to be interested in Victor in more detail.

Fans have already described the series as “gripping” on Twitter, so they may well appreciate a second season to keep the story alive.

Some viewers have called the ending “upsetting” and “unsatisfactory”, so a second season could be an opportunity to clear things up.

Overall the series has gone down well with fans and the Netflix original should continue to receive critical acclaim.

Fans all around the world have been enjoying the series, as it has been made available in multiple languages, and it is expected to have high viewership.

One fan said on Twitter: “Just watched a six part series from Spain, on Netflix, called “The Minions of Midas.” It is an excellent mystery/political thriller.

“It’s very entertaining, but also frightening, hinting at a new world order, comprised of government, corporations and the press. Very thoughtful. [sic]”

With viewers having recommended the series to their friends, it is bound to grow in popularity over time, which raises hopes for a second season.

The Minions of Midas season 1 is on Netflix now

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