'The Pioneer Woman' Star Ree Drummond Gets Her Hair Done and Fans Have Some Thoughts

Ree Drummond is the star of The Pioneer Woman on the Food Network. The red-head is a fan-favorite celebrity chef for the delicious meals she cooks on her show. Drummond is loved by viewers because she doesn’t take herself too seriously and genuinely looks like she enjoys what she does. The television personality is big on social media and after she shared a video after she did her hair and her Instagram followers had some thoughts.

Ree Drummond shares a before and after video

Fresh off a romantic getaway with her husband, Drummond returned to Instagram to showcase a before and after video. The Pioneer Woman star said that she had always wanted to do a transformation video that highlighted the mood changes after getting her hair done.

“I always wanted to do one of those ‘sad, pitiful before & effervescent, excited after’ videos!” Drummond posted. “I really believe the sad, pitiful part is quite effective, what do you think?”

The Food Network star did exactly what she promised. Drummond looked sad and gloomy at the beginning of the clip when her hair was not done yet. After covering the camera with the smock and uncovering it moments later, Drummond reveals her bright red hair.

“Thank you Amber for your command of red hair and for always being goofy and weird with me. Okay, bye,” Drummond ended.

The video has already racked up more than 88 thousand likes on Instagram and over 1.5 million views.

Fans react to Ree Drummond’s hair reveal

Drummond’s hair reveal was not something drastic and it was more like a touchup. Perhaps The Pioneer Woman was redying to start filming new episodes of her cooking show? Whatever the reason is regarding the cook’s hair reveal, fans had a lot of things to say in the comments.

“That looks soooo good!!!” a fan exclaimed.

“Have you ever thought [about] trying a dark shade of red?” a follower asked.

“Don’t go so ORANGE!!” an Instagram user suggested.

“You would look pretty with light brown hair and blond highlights,” another fan added.

“I love it. I just feel strongly that you have orange hair, not red hair,” another follower noted.

“Not sure what I think. But I do love your cooking show and your delicious recipes (and of course your family and dogs),” another Instagram user mentioned.

“Get it, mama!!!! beautiful inside and out! Shine on!” another fan commented.

Whether it is orange or red, the one thing for sure is that it’s Drummond’s signature color and she is iconic.

Ree Drummond and her husband go on a getaway

Drummond is a media mogul and is busy for the better part of the year. However, she recently took some needed time off work to travel with her husband Ladd. The couple went to Vail, Colorado, to which Drummond revealed they had tried to go before but never made it.

“Last time Ladd and I tried to go to Colorado together, there was this really bad accident involving a fire truck and we didn’t make it,” Drummond recently spilled on Instagram.

As fans asked Drummond how she was doing, she said, “Happy. So very, very, extremely, through-the-roof, over the moon happy.”

The Pioneer Woman airs Saturday mornings on Food Network.

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