The Traitors was filmed at a Scottish Highlands castle

The Traitors: Claudia shocks contestants by sending two home

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Presenter Claudia Winkleman has described The Traitors as a “psychological battle”, where contestants have to figure out who is on their side and who is ready to betray them at any moment. The BBC series launched this week and already, fans are excited to see what the outcome will be. Here’s everything there is to know about the filming of The Traitors.

Where is The Traitors filmed?

The Traitors on BBC One was filmed a few months ago at the stunning Ardross Castle outside Inverness, Scotland.

Both the 19th Century castle itself as well as its formal gardens and more than 100 acres of parkland can be seen throughout the 12-episode series.

The first Duke of Sutherland bought Ardross in the late 1700s and built a hunting lodge and in 1845, the second Duke sold the estate to Alexander Matheson who returned to Scotland in

1839 and purchased Ardross, amounting to 60,000 acres, for £90,000.

It was then in the 1980s that the McTaggart family bought the property and its land, restoring it to its former glory after years of neglect.

Thanks to the McTaggarts, the walled garden, formal garden and lawns had been brought back to good health and are well looked after.

The castle and other properties on the estate have also been extensively renovated over the years.

It is thought that the dramatic Round Table scenes could have been filmed in one of Ardross’ five conference rooms.

Host Claudia Winkleman opened up to the BBC about her love for the Scottish Highland property.

Claudia said she had “never been anywhere more beautiful than the Scottish Highlands in my life”.

“It felt sometimes like we were in a painting if that’s not too cheesy,” she added.

The unpredictable climate in Scotland did cause some issues wardrobe-wise during their three weeks at the castle, according to the BBC.

Nevertheless, there were regular double rainbows which Claudia told her children through FaceTime, were “magical”.

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The Traitors sees 22 contestants gather at Ardcross Castle for the game show which is unlike any other.

Before they settled in, Claudia picked a few individuals to become The Traitors whose job would be to “murder” a member of The Faithful every night.

Each day, all of them would gather at the Round Table and banish someone who they believe to be a Traitor.

If they are wrong though, there is an awful lot for the contestants to lose.

At the end of the series, there is a £120,000 jackpot for the remaining members of The Faithful to split.

But even if there is just one Traitor still lurking among them, then they will automatically win the entire prize fund instead.

So who can be trusted and who does the team need to banish before it’s too late?

The Traitors is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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