‘The View’ Cohost Meghan McCain Believes Atlantic’s Trump Allegations, Would Have Liked A “Heads Up”

The View was back for Season 24 today, and co-host Meghan McCain wasted no time stirring up the Hot Topics table. While saying she believes the incendiary charges made against Donald Trump in Jeffrey Goldberg’s Atlantic piece last week, she’d have liked a “heads up” from the publication about insults Trump was said to have made about her father, the late Sen. John McCain.

“It has been painful the past few days having to relive this,” McCain said. “My mother and my family deserve a heads up.” Watch the clip below.

Added McCain, “If you’re going to give the heads up to veterans’ organizations that have the time to produce videos and ads based on this, then you have the time to alert someone’s family who’s involved in this. And I do believe that President Trump probably said this.” (View moderator Whoopi Goldberg agreed that the Atlantic account is probably true.)

The Atlantic article used anonymous sources to draw a devastating portrait of the president as contemptuous of war veterans like John McCain, dismissing them as “losers” and “suckers.” Trump famously said during a taped interview that McCain was not a war hero because he was captured.

The View‘s McCain said today that the Atlantic story “has legs” because it alleges “familiar language that President Trump has used publicly. It’s a third rail that we have never seen a president traditionally touch before, and he continues to touch it over and over again.”

McCain also said she believes the Atlantic allegations will damage Trump’s support among military members. “This is the rail that hurts him,” she said. “It’s the thing that Americans on all sides seem to come together to support our military, and they do not like this.”


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