The Walking Dead World Beyond’s Elizabeth star hints at how series will end ‘Hits refresh’

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Julia Ormond portrays mysterious CRM colonel Elizabeth Kublek in the latest addition to The Walking Dead’s growing catalogue of spin-offs. As World Beyond continues on AMC on Sundays, the star has revealed a cryptic sneak peek at what’s to come in the second season.


The Walking Dead: World Beyond will return for just one more season before coming to a dramatic end, as confirmed by the series’ network AMC. 

Intended as a standalone bridge between the flagship series and its upcoming slate of new spin-offs, the first instalment has already unearthed some huge mysteries about the zombie-ridden world of TWD.

Set ten years after the start of the undead apocalypse, the new show follows a group of teenagers coming of age as civilisations start to rebuild in the zombie wasteland.

In amongst the usual post-apocalyptic action, the series has also provided some surprising insight about the strange disappearance of Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) at the beginning of season nine.

Grimes was carried away by a Civic Republic Military (CRM) helicopter in episode four, and the mysterious organisation makes its return in the new spin-off. 

Commanded by lieutenant colonel Elizabeth Kublek (Julia Ormond), fans are still unsure whether the military organisation can be trusted.

Elizabeth star Julia Ormond recently shed some light on the CRM during a chat with Entertainment Weekly, but there were no spoilers to be found.

However, as the mainline TWD series draws to a close and the story is set to continue with its impressive array of spin-offs, Ormond revealed what World Beyond’s conclusion will mean for the franchise as a whole.

Initially confessing some disappointment with the series’ plans to conclude after just two ten-episode instalments, the star was nevertheless excited by what’s in store.

She explained: “I’m quite hopeful and intrigued as to what that means for the production and what that means for the arcs. 

“I think they’ve got something quite complicated to deliver in terms of the wrapping up of the series.”

In the post-credits stinger for episode four, viewers were finally given a hint as to what Rick Grimes could be doing with the CRM.

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Furthermore, if Ormond’s comments are any indicator, World Beyond’s series finale may lead directly into the upcoming trilogy of films centred on Andrew Lincoln’s breakthrough TWD role.

She continued: “It’s not like it’s just going to continue and then stop. I think they’re going to be working through the story lines in a more satisfying way.

“They’ve turned it into a really great opportunity, and I love the fact that it’s hopeful and it’s youthful and it’s really good. We’ve got a really lovely, young cast. I think it hits the refresh button in a really great way.”

While World Beyond definitely has a limited expiration date, nothing is stopping characters and plot details from cropping up in TWD’s numerous upcoming sequels and films.

In addition to established spin-off Fear the Walking Dead, AMC are also lining up a series following Hilltop survivors Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride).

Plus, a proposed anthology series, Tales From the Walking Dead, could give some old favourites a chance to reprise their roles in standalone adventures. 

Even after ten years, The Walking Dead is still getting started, and there could be plenty of opportunities for Julia Ormond to return as Elizabeth in future series.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond continues Sundays on AMC.

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