The 'Wednesday' Season 1 Finale Answered One Murder Mystery With Two Villains

Did you keep track of all of the mysterious figures and unanswered questions at the end of Netflix’s Wednesday? Or did you come out of the new take on The Addams Family with vibes only? (There certainly were creepy and kooky vibes.) If you missed something and don’t have time to binge season 1 just yet, here’s a recap of what happened in the Wednesday finale.

Wednesday was really just trying to solve one mystery—a streak of murders at her new school for supernatural outcasts called Nevermore Academy—but she suspected pretty much everyone at Nevermore Academy and the surrounding town of Jericho while figuring it out. Who was actually the killer? What actually happened? Here’s what you need to know about the Wednesday finale (spoilers included!), explained in one place.

It was Tyler all along….

Turns out, the monster/murderer that Wednesday has been investigating during her tenure at Nevermore Academy is none other than her seemingly normie crush and latte boy Tyler and not her moodier, also a potential love interest, Xavier. The former, meek barista is a Hyde monster. And the latter is released and makes up with Wednesday in the finale.

(But it was also Miss Thornhill all along.)

Christina Ricci’s character Marilyn Thornhill is actually Laurel Gates. She has been controlling Tyler the Hyde monster and collecting body parts in order to resurrect her ancestor, Joseph Crackstone. The scary pilgrim then wants to eliminate all supernatural creatures and “misfits” attacks Nevermore Academy when Thornhill/Gates completes her spell.

It all tied into Gomez and Morticia’s past.

Laurel Gates is the long-lost relative of Garrett Gates, a former Nevermore student who died by accident while trying to poison the student body. Back in the day, Morticia thought that she was responsible and Gomez took the fall for her. Can those two be more romantic?!

And Enid finally wolfed out.

Yay! Wednesday’s late-bloomer roommate finally transformed. As a werewolf, she is able to subdue Tyler the Hyde monster.

Ultimately, a lot of characters died.

Tyler is still alive and may or may not have escaped police custody, but we lost Principal Weens, Miss Thornhill, and Dr. Kinbott at the end of the season—not to mention the mayor and Rowan who died earlier on. That just leaves more room for new characters in season 2, I guess.

Eugene is okay, though.

Nevermore Academy is closed.

Well, just for the rest of the semester. Wednesday was also technically expelled for torturing Tyler. If/when the show is renewed for a second season, we’ll have to find out who lets her back in, but after saving the school, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Defeating a supernatural pilgrim means all is forgiven, right?

Oh, and Wednesday has a stalker.

Which she’s thrilled by, obviously. We love a little cliff-hanger. Someone is watching her and wants her dead. Wednesday even suspects that Miss Thornhill was a pawn for an even Bigger Bad. Not all of the threads are tied up, as Wednesday notes. The loose threads, and us, will have to wait.


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