This Country star Michael Sleggs reveals he’s dying of terminal cancer at the age of 33

This Country actor Michael Sleggs has revealed he’s dying of terminal cancer at the age of 33.

The actor, best known for playing Slugs on the award-winning BBC3 comedy, has opened up on his health struggles in the past, after being diagnosed with cancer and heart failure.

Michael has now revealed the devastating news on a fan page for This Country.

He wrote: “Hi friends, as a lot of you are probably aware I’ve spent a lot of time in and out of hospital over the past few months.

“This last time it was decided I was reaching the end of options so they’ve sent me home on palliative care to live out the remainder of my days at home.

“No specific time limit has been given but deterioration has been fairly rapid.”

He added: “I've been sleeping a lot and narrowly dodged a coma by accidentally overdosing on morphine the other day.

"Anyway as you can imagine this isn't the ideal way I wished things to go and my family are dealing with a lot of grief.

"Just wanted to say I love everyone reading this status so much, you have all been such amazing, kind, caring people who have all touched my life in so many unique and incredible ways.

"Sorry if this status is too schmaltzy but not everyone has the chance to say goodbye so indulge me lol."

He added: "Regardless of a few medical issues, I have been blessed with the best life and the best friends and aside from not following God more diligently earlier in life I don't have any regrets."

This Country was Michael’s first acting job and explored the lives of young people in modern rural Britain in the Cotswolds.

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