‘This is not good enough!’ Our Yorkshire Farms Amanda Owen chastised over new venture

Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen discusses her recipes

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Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen, 47, detailed the struggle she faced when she was in the process of publishing her book, Celebrating the Seasons with the Yorkshire Shepherdess: Farming, Family and Delicious Recipes to Share. The mother-of-nine who found fame on the Channel 4 show chronicling the daily lives of her and her family at Ravenseat Farm, explained she was told her haphazard approach was “not good enough”.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2 on the Zoe Ball show, the Yorkshire Shepherdess revealed: “The whole idea is that I make the children do it!

“People say well you know it must be that you’re a great parent – no!

“It’s that I’m a distracted parent, with a thousand-million other different things to do.

“So, therefore, I’m handing over the reins to them, so the recipes are all things that they’re all quite adept at.”

She continued: “Some of them are actually recipes that the children have become good at – a bit later this morning they’re actually going to be cooking on This Morning on live TV!

“So there you go, I mean that’s pressure isn’t it?

“To go here you are kids, do a bit of cooking on live TV!”

When asked if there was a favourite meal and pudding that the whole family loves, Amanda said: “Well, there’s tried and tested, – some old favourites.

“We love a tagine, I mean a tagine’s got all the elements in – it’s dead easy.”

The farming expert admitted: “Any recipe that I do has to be seriously forgiving!

“Because I’ll put at the bottom, think it must go in the over for an hour [and] the likelihood is that I will get distracted, head off, do something else and come back in two hours and hopefully it will still be okay.

“The most difficult thing about putting this book together was actually talking to editors and home economists about how much of everything we actually threw in, because it was all so vague.

“They’ll say you know Amanda, ‘We need to know how many grams.’

“I’d be like… ‘What? Just have a look and see what’s in the bag and tip it in!’

“They were like… ‘This is not good enough.’

The recipe book is one the Amanda’s latest publications.

The Yorkshire Dales farmer has released a series of books detailing her adventures on Ravenseat – one of the most remote farms in the country.

Viewers have enjoyed updates on the Owen family through both the Channel 4 show and Amanda’s own works, with the strong fanbase always keen to find out what the large, tough and outdoorsy family are up to.

Our Yorkshire Farm is available to watch on All4.

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