Wendy Williams splits from boyfriend Mike Esterman who confirms pair 'drifted apart' due to his hectic schedule

WENDY Williams beau Mike Esterman has confirmed the pair have drifted apart as they have no time to see each other due to his hectic work schedule.

The daytime talk show host teased fans last month by posing with a mystery man on Instagram, days after a loved-up trip with Mike, resulting in rumors she may be back on the market.

Wendy met real estate executive and celebrity booker Mike, who lives in Maryland, in February when he signed up to participate in a dating segment on her show, as she appealed for help in finding love again after a messy divorce.

But it seems it wasn't meant to be for the pair, who haven't seen each other in weeks after she visited his home.

Mike told The Sun exclusively: "It's a busy time of the year for home improvement, I don't know if I can give her what she wants.

"Nobody called it a day, there's just no time to meet up. We talk when we can. I can't hold her back from meeting someone who can give her more.

"She's allowed to meet others, we're not in that type of relationship. She will find someone.

"I have home projects, pool rentals starting now that things are opening up, requests for Mario [Lopez] and others are starting to come in for me to help with. I'm a workaholic!"

But despite his schedule, he confirmed the pair are still in touch and may see each other again in the future.

In March, Wendy spoke of her excitement over dating Mike on her show, sharing: "He lives in Maryland, and I live here [in New York]. Because of the virus, you can't do all that traveling. You can't.

"A smart one doesn't. But I'm going to see him this week. He's busy… We talk all the time."

She went on how they both have a similar interest in crafting sharing: "That's probably our big connection. First of all, we're both of a certain age and realistic about love or what will happen and the possibilities.

"But also we're both crafters… That might be corny to you. But not me. I like it."

A flustered Wendy then added: "Oh Mike, so cute, funny, smart."

Wendy is looking for love following her nasty split from ex Kevin Hunter in 2019, following 20 years of marriage.

The couple's separation unfolded after she admitted to hiring a private investigator to tail her ex who had fathered a child with his mistress, Sharina Hudson, following a years-long affair.

Mike previously told The Sun they had bonded over cheating exes, after he was alsoleft heartbroken some years ago.

He said: "Many years ago I had a longterm, live-in relationship and gave her the world, treated her like a princess, and found she was cheating.

"It was devastating but a blessing in disguise before marrying that person.

"The dating game is hard, especially now with social media. She [Wendy] knows about the cheating girl, we all deserve happiness.

"She has made it known on the show that she is searching for a boyfriend, I did some homework and watched her documentary.

"She's talented and confident with a touch of spice! I feel she needs a healthy balance with a sense of calmness outside of the TV world."

During their first date, Mike, 53, and Wendy dined and chatted for hours at Tao Restaurant and drank at CORE Club, before meeting up again the following day for soul food at Melbas in Harlem.

Talking about dating Wendy, Mike said he was encouraged to apply for the competition by his close friend, Mario Lopez, as he thought it would broaden his horizons.

He says he first met the TV star in his hotel lobby before she took him on a grand tour of her swanky apartment overlooking the river, which blew him away.

After their date, Wendy gushed on her show: "I like him. I really really like Mike. We're [close]. We didn't have the sex, but we're close. Based on the virus you don't get close to people, but I couldn't resist."

Wendy added Mike reminds her of the Sex and the City character, Charlotte's husband, Harry Goldenblatt.

She went on: "He's so nice. He's such a gentleman. He's so respectful… I really like him."

The 56-year-old added: "We kissed… You know I get tested all the time. We kissed. He's got to stand on his tippy toes… Like I really like him, and he really likes me.

"Like it broke my heart when he was leaving. Like I walked him to the elevator and waited for the doors to close."

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