Who are Tom Brady's sisters Julie, Maureen and Nancy?

ANYONE who knows anything about sport, knows who Tom Brady is.

The NFL player, 43, has enjoyed an incredible career, but away from the limelight, he has a tight bond with his three sisters.

Who are Tom Brady's sisters?


Maureen is the oldest child of the Brady bunch.

She was an All-American pitcher at Fresno State in the 1990s.

However, she decided to peruse a career in nursing.

Maureen currently works at a local hospital in Bakersfield, California.

Her daughter, Maya, is currently a softball player at UCLA.


Unlike her famous brother, Nancy has chosen to stay away from the spotlight and is the least known of the siblings.

As a teenager she was a basketball player and a softball player.

Nancy got married in 2015, with Tom by her side.


The youngest of Tom's sisters is Julie, who often gets called his "twin" – despite their being a three year age gap.

The two siblings share the same birthday of August 3 – although Tom was born in 1977 and Julie 1974.

Julie married baseball player Kevin Youkilis in 2012.

Who are Tom Brady's parents?

Tom is the fourth child of Tom Brady Sr and Galynn.

In January 2021 his parents revealed their "life and death" battle with coronavirus at the start of the season.

Speaking on ESPN'S “#Greeny”, Brady Sr. opened up about his experience with the virus which left him hospitalized.

He noted that he was forced to miss his son's first two games of the season, the only football games of his sons that he has ever missed.

“We didn’t even see the first two games of the year," he said.

"It was the first two games I ever missed of his career because I was sick as a dog and my wife was as sick as a dog.

“We’ve never missed a game at Michigan or New England or wherever."

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