Who is Shaun Ryder’s wife Joanne and how many kids do they have?

THE Happy Mondays singer married wife Joanne in 2010, who helped Shaun to get clean, and the two now enjoy being a happy family unit. 

Joanne has supported Shaun through his drug and medical issues.

Who is Shaun Ryder’s wife Joanne?

Joanne Ryder is a business manager, personal manager, wife and mother to three children. 

Joanne is Shaun’s second wife. 

The pair wed in 2010, at a surprise ceremony at their youngest daughters christening. 

Joanne juggles a lot, she found herself managing Shaun after years of watching him work. 

Joanne has supported Shaun through his drug and medical issues. 

Shaun suffers from ADHD, alopecia and thyroid problems.

She loves hill climbing and connecting with nature. 

Joanne has appeared with husband Shaun on Pointless Celebrities, All Star Mr & Mrs and I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

How many kids do they have?

The pair have two daughters, Pearl and Lulu. 

Shaun has four children from other relationships and has admitted to failings as a father in the past.  

He has expressed regret that partying came before parenting. 

But now he and Joanne are happily settled and love being a hands-on family. 

Shaun has said that it was his wife and his family who helped him to get clean and kick the drugs for good. 

Shaun’s addiction to crack cocaine broke up the Happy Mondays in 1992. 

He has also suffered from heroin addiction. 

In an interview with The Mirror Shaun joked that “it used to be sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Now it’s just rock ‘n’ roll … and the wife is gutted”.

Who are his daughters?

Shaun credits his daughters, Pearl, 13 and Lulu, 12 with saving his life. 

He recently shared a rare picture of himself with his oldest daughter Jael and youngest daughter Lulu.

Shaun stands proudly in the middle next to his two daughters. 

Ryder has spoken about his daughters growing up very differently to him, Shaun left school at 13 and didn’t learn the alphabet until he was 26. 

He told The Guardian about his daughter leaving private school. 

In an interview he said his daughter had told him ‘Dad, I’m not a snob, I’m a chav, and I don’t wanna go to that school anymore’.  

He says his daughter was ‘on her fifth fight already’. 

But the former party animal now loves being a hands-on dad with wife Joanne, and makes sure his children know about the dangers of drugs and partying.

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