Who Killed Sara: Why did César send Alex to jail?

Who Killed Sara?: Netflix releases season two trailer

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Who Killed Sara on Netflix just kept adding to an already long list of questions for fans. Every character, motive, and plot point are being analysed to figure out just what was happening in season one. Now fans have a new question to decipher, why did César (played by Ginés García Millán) send Alex (Manolo Cardona) to prison?

Why did César send Alex to jail?

Both César and Alex are two of the most important character in Who Killed Sara.

These two characters are closely linked to Sara, Alex being her brother and César being the father of her child.

It was revealed during the last episode of season one that Sara was pregnant with César’s child, which only complicates the character’s relationships even further.

During the season, César sent Alex to prison to remove him from the complicated equation, but fans are confused why he did this.

Taking to Reddit.com, fans have been discussing why exactly César decided to do this and what it means for season two of the show.

Writing on a thread, one fan said: “Apparently Cesar owns the police and has influence on the judges. Why did he sent Alex to jail for something that could have been an accident?”

It isn’t clear what César’s motives currently are, with the relationship between the two characters still being unclear by the end of season one.

The fan continued: “He repeatedly says how much he respects Alex and that he wishes his sons to be more like him.”

Another fan replied: “I would consider this a major plot hole in the story. What does Caesar have against this kid?

“Only putting him away because Chema was in love with him does not seem like enough motive for me. I think there is still a back story we don’t know about,” they continued.

However, there might be another explanation behind César’s motives, as it is established in the season that he has a hidden connection to Sara and Alex’s mum that died.

The fan added: “My best educated guess will be that Caesar had a thing for Alex’s mom she refused him at some point and he wanted to get revenge on her and her family.

“Or she had something on him, maybe Caesar is Alex’s dad [sic] he let her die so no one will know his secret and gets rid of Alex so he doesn’t have to see him.”

Throughout the season many questions were left unanswered leading directly into the second season.

Fans will not have to wait long for many of these questions to be answered, with the premiere of season two releasing May 19, 2021.

Most of the original cast is set to return, including Ginés García Millán and Manolo Cardona who play César and Alex respectively.

It isn’t clear if this season will be the last for the show or if it will continue beyond season two.

If the show gets a third season, fans can expect more plot twists and reveals going forward.

Who Killed Sara season two released May 19 on Netflix.

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