Why isnt Alastair Stewart on GB News? When will he be back?

GB News: Alastair Stewart discusses e-scooters

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GB News has been airing on Sky, Freeview and Virgin Media and viewers have raised concerns about Alastair Stewart’s absence. The former ITV newsreader did not present his usual programme over the weekend and he will be away from the news network for a while. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about what happened and when he will return.

Why isn’t Alastair Stewart on GB News?

Alastair Stewart has attracted many new viewers with his programme Alastair Stewart and Friends on GB News.

In the segment, he and other journalist guests offer their take on the week’s biggest stories.

On Twitter, the presenter announced he would be stepping back from his show following an injury.

He broke his hip after being knocked over by a horse, and he said he would not be back for some time.

He has not indicated when his return will be, but said on Twitter: “I fear it’ll be a while but I’ll be back!”

Stewart later explained how he was leading a horse and she bolted and “forcefully” knocked him over.

The 69-year-old has continued to keep viewers up to date with his recovery following the accident.

In one reply to a tweet, he said: “The hip is ghastly”, but hopefully his recovery does not take long.

On July 18 he shared a good-humoured post of four horses with the caption: “‘I hear he’s coming home soon, from hospital’.

“‘It wasn’t me.’ ‘Nor me!’ ‘I’m not sure I was even there!’ ‘Err…umm…I’ll get back to you on that one…'”.

His fans wished him well, with one saying: “Glad you have had your op and hopefully on the way back soon.”

Another said: “You’ll be home soon. First sleep after the op over, next obs and physios …. Won’t be long.”

A third added: “It’s the lack of eye contact from any of them that tells you they all know who the culprit is. Wishing you well.”

In another post, he said he was “keen as mustard” to get back to his latest venture on GB News.

He did say he was “only cautioned by the medics”, adding “I’d be foolish not to follow their wise plan. It won’t be too long.”

The presenter has received plenty of support from his viewers, who are all keen to see him back on screens.

He is not the only contributor to have come off air in recent weeks, with Guto Harri having already been taken off air.

The network alleged he was responsible for an “unacceptable breach of standards” after taking the knee on air.

This was in support of England’s football players following a tirade of racist abuse after the Euros final.

Over the weekend, July 18, Harri formally quit his role and handed in his resignation.

Stewart said he would be tuning in from home to watch the network following his accident.

This comes after the revelation that some of the network’s shows had zero viewers following Harri taking the knee.

There has been some speculation over whether the network will continue to air following the latest news.

Presenter Stewart is still hoping to return to his post once he has fully recovered.

GB News airs weekly on Sky, Freeview and Virgin Media.

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