Yellowstone fans fear Market Equities has burned down Dutton land

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Yellowstone made its eagerly awaited comeback with season five earlier this month and there could already be some major danger ahead for the Dutton family. Fans are convinced they could lose their precious land after spotting the ranch go up in smoke. 

Season five introduced ranch owner John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) with a new title.

The double-episode premiere saw him be sworn in as the governor of Montana, a new responsibility which would undoubtedly shift his priorities. 

As the owner of the largest ranch in the USA, John has spent years tending to the land as it had been in his family for several generations. 

However, the Dutton ranch came under threat with the arrival of Market Equities. 

The real estate company had plans to buy several plots of land in Montana with the hopes of building an airport. 

Their idea developed into the building of a city within the region which included a ski resort.

However, John refused to give up his land and after being met with resistance, they became hell-bent on destroying the family. 

After spotting a major clue, fans are convinced Market Equities have done the unfathomable and set the ranch on fire. 

Taking to a Yellowstone fan page, Redditor Competitive-Jump1519 shared: “When Beth is outside at the end of the episode, is that a fire in the background? It looks like smoke.”

Addressing other fans, they asked: “Is market Equities burning down their land?”

Friendly_Ad5727 suggested: “Looked like smoke but that could be a lot of things. Wildfire, controlled burn, arson, something related to Kayce’s kid.

“It’s not uncommon to see streams of smoke when you live around the mountains.”

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Stocksnhoops added: “As someone who owns livestock, there is nothing more sacred to a farmer than water and grass. 

“If you burn that grass you kill the current grazing ground but also the winter feed which is hay. That would be crippling to have to buy that much hay to feed that ranch.

“It would be a financial nightmare and almost impossible to find on the fly that much hay. And it also found just be foreshadowing that everything around them Is on fire.”

Despite this, other viewers weren’t convinced Market Equities would burn down the Dutton ranch.

As user TheSavageDonut wrote: “Market Equities doesn’t seem competent enough or corrupt enough to try to burn the Dutton land.”

While another fan marlawitkowski quizzed: “Didn’t John say that they would have to do a controlled burn to burn that area where the clover was dropped to poison the cows?”

Although John refused to give up the ranch, it became clear he no longer had the financial strength to maintain the property and therefore his son Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) leased a piece of land to the company. 

However, with the family tied into a legal war with Market Equities, they could have resorted to taking down the Duttons by burning their livelihood. 

Yellowstone season 5 continues every Sunday on Paramount Network in the USA and every Monday on Paramount+ in the UK.

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