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ZARA McDermott's new eating disorder documentary has divided viewers, with some slamming it as "tone deaf" and others praising the star for opening up conversation.

The former Love Island star, 25, has followed up her Revenge Porn documentary for the BBC with another striking investigation.

Zara McDermott: Disordered Eating investigates the impact of social media – and influencers such as herself – on the rocketing numbers of young people seeking help for eating disorders.

She taps into the after effects of the pandemic and mental illness in relation to body images, and chats to a number of victims.

BBC bosses told of the documentary: "

Two years ago, Zara shared her recent weight loss with her followers on her health and fitness page. At the time, Zara defended her posts, but now, in a year when eating disorders are spiralling, she wonders if she should think again?

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"In this brave and compelling documentary, Zara meets with her youngest, most impressionable followers, as well as her harshest critics."

Yet some fans – many of whom had previously suffered an eating disorder – were less than convinced of the sensitive content.

One took to Twitter to write: "Zara McDermott’s new documentary just makes me so sad.

"I’m sure it was well intentioned but it comes off as tone deaf, and uses an influencer who is commonly referenced in unhealthy body image goals online and needs far more change to the way she presents herself online."

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Another mused: "Watching the Zara McDermott #DisorderedEating documentary and have some mixed feelings.

"It’s helpful to address the impact of social media but the whole conversation is around how triggering that content it whilst still showing that same content on the programme."

Another more sceptical viewer wrote: "Zara McDermott makes headlines for suddenly realising the impact her weight loss posts have on those eating disorders. Firstly she was told this in 2020 (so its not new) but her 'discovery' is overshadowing the experiences of patients which should be what we're discussing."

Another raged: "This is the person you chose for an ED doc? Zara McDermott sold a diet ebook."

Yet others praised the reality TV star and urged others to tune in.

One fan commented: "Wheewwww that Zara McDermott doc is heavy 💔 TW on eating disorders ofc. I can't believe that 'meanspo' stuff exists. Cried a lot in that – reminder that social media isn't real and influencers need to be super conscious of who they're audience is #disorderedeating."

A fan added: "This was really hard to watch having dealt with issues like this but it’s so important to have these conversations and to bring awareness to all the different types of eating disorders! #disorderedeating #bbcthree."

A third then surmised: "I really hope every influencer, or person with any sort of following watches Zara McDermott’s documentary on
@bbcthree. Things need to change. #disorderedeating."

Back in 2020, Zara bravely recalled her own experience of revenge porn for her first BBC documentary.

Zara told how she was at her "most vulnerable and raw" as she shot the emotional programme.

When the show aired in 2021, she was praised by friends and fans for addressing the hard-hitting topic.

Zarawanted to highlight the pain and suffering that many young people go through when their intimate pictures get leaked online.

Zara, who admitted she felt suicidal when it happened to her, has used her platform to speak out for others victims of the awful crime as she herself knows how hard it is to deal with.

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The first time it happened to her was when she was just 14-years-old, after she felt pressured to send a naked picture of herself to a boy at school.

It then happened to her again when she shot to fame on the fourth series of Love Island in 2018.

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