2020 election: Michigan state legislature to open hearings on Trump undercount claims

Michigan’s Republican-led state legislature will hold a joint hearing Saturday to weigh GOP claims of suspicious computer vote-counting glitches in two counties.

“One candidate seems to want to pour gas on every potential fear and doubt … while the other seems uninterested in some very troubling reports and witness testimony,” State Sen. Ed McBroom, chairman of the Senate Oversight Committee, tweeted Friday.

“We will investigate the elections process and seek to determine whether improprieties exist,” McBroom added.

On Friday, Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox pointed to a computer error in Michigan’s Antrim County that caused nearly 6,000 votes for President Trump to be tallied in Democrat Joe Biden’s column.

A similar error — in a different vendor’s vote-counting software — made a Republican-to-Democrat switch in Oakland County that was large enough to temporarily flip a GOP county commissioner’s seat, the Detroit Free Press reported Friday.

Both glitches were caught and corrected, though the cause remains unclear.

Dozens of Michigan counties use the potentially faulty tallying software, Cox said Friday.

Biden holds a substantial 2.5 percent lead over Trump in Michigan, with 95 percent of the vote counted. Trump won the state by less than one percentage point in 2016.

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