Adorable calf thinks he’s a dog after growing up with German Shepherd puppies

An orphaned calf is convinced he’s a dog after being rescued by a family of German Shepherd breeders.

Coral Algie, 52, and retired police dog handler hubby Wayne, 61, adopted day-old Buddy after his mum died.

The couple, from New Italy in New South Wales, Australia, introduced Buddy to their two and a half-year-old German shepherd, Bada, who recently gave birth to a new litter of 11 pups.

Since arriving, he’s been cared for the by the pooches and picked up some hilariously canine habits – wagging his tail, playing chase with his pooch pals and snuggling up with the other puppies for a snooze.

Mum-of-four Coral said: "Bada has really taken Buddy on as puppy number 12.

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"He doesn't see himself as a calf, I think he sees himself as posher than them.

"He looks across at them in the paddock but he's up on the back veranda enjoying all the comfort.

"He's very content to hang with the humans and the dogs.

"He quite enjoys the grooming Bada gives him. He responds really well to her.

"She is grooming him all the time, licking him, cleaning his eyes – she is constantly with him.

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"When he is out, she supervises him. She walks with him and chases after him.

"She is so generous with her time. She has been amazing."

Coral and Wayne discovered newborn Buddy a day after trying to rescue his mum who died in a dam that borders their home.

Their two kids Bella, 12, and Lawson, 10, have also been playing non-stop with the “affectionate” calf.

However, Buddy has so far been kept outside of their home and sleeps on the farmhouse porch.

The family also struggle to satisfy Buddy’s huge appetite, with the calf guzzling down no fewer than 10 and a half pints of milk a day.

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