Afghan refugee gives birth on US plane after escaping from Taliban with family

An Afghan woman gave birth on an American military plane moments after it touched down in Germany.

The refugee went into labour as the packed jet approached US air base Ramstein in southwestern Germany.

Pilots were alerted to the woman's situation and flew the plane at a lower altitude in order to get more oxygen in the vessel.

As soon as it taxied off the runway medics jumped onto the plane and delivered the woman's child.

The Air Force's Mobility Command credited the pilots' decision to lower the aircraft and maximise oxygen as saving the child's life, as the mother was experiencing complications.

Mobility Command described the delivery as safe.

In a statement they wrote: "Upon landing, Airmen from the 86th MDG came aboard and delivered the child in the cargo bay of the aircraft.

"The baby girl and mother were transported to a nearby medical facility and are in good condition."

Images from the landing showed the new mum being taken off the plane in a stretcher.

Ramstein Air Base in the Rhineland is set to accommodate 7,500 Afghan refugees out of some 17,000 evacuated by the US since the crisis began earlier this month.

The UK government announced it would accept a maximum of 20,000 Afghan refugees "over the coming years".

American commercial airlines are waiting for an announcement by the Pentagon which could see their planes conscripted to help transport refugees to US air bases.

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The Dunkirk-esque Civil Reserve Air Fleet program was last triggered in March 2020 when the Department of Defense used it to bring back thousands of Americans stranded abroad as the coronavirus pandemic began.

It could be implemented again for Afghan refugees fleeing war-torn Kabul, which has seen intense fighting and chaos in previous days.

Earlier this week, former British Army colonel Richard Kemp warned British soldiers and Taliban fighters could find themselves in armed confrontation imminently.

He told Daily Star: "A situation where you've got Taliban fighters and British soldiers in close proximity like that in such a volatile situation could well result in some kind of incident that's not planned, that's not expected but just happens.

"So I think we could see something serious between the two sides.

"Their patience will only last for a certain length of time."

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