Amazon boss Jeff Bezos becomes first person ever worth $200bn

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Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has become the first person ever to reach a whopping $200billion fortune.

It came after Amazon's stock rose by 2 per cent on Wednesday afternoon and Bezos' net worth climbed by $4.9bn.

It makes Bezos, 56, ahead of the world's second richest person, Bill Gates, by nearly $90bn.

According to Forbes, it is the largest fortune ever amassed even adjusting for inflation.

The global economy has been battered by the coronavirus pandemic, with millions of people losing their jobs.

But Bezos has seen his fortune boom because customers turned to buying products online after lockdown shut high street shops and forced people to work from home.

Even with shops open now, many people are still reluctant to hit the high street in the way they once did.

Amazon's stock is up 80 per cent since the beginning of the year which is the equivalent of $115bn, according to reports.

Bezos has an 11% stake in Amazon and this makes up more than 90 per cent of his fortune.

He also owns the Washington Post, aerospace company Blue Origin and a string of other private investments.

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And he would be even richer were it not for his divorce last year, that turned out to be the most expensive divorce settlement in history.

He split from ex-wife MacKenzie Scott and agreed to give her 25 per cent of his Amazon stake which is now worth $63bn.

And Scott herself is the world's 14th richest person and second richest woman, behind L'Oréal heiress Francoise Bettencourt Meyers.

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