Amazon delivery man ‘nearly killed’ pet rabbit by lobbing 4kg package over gate

Amazon has apologised to a customer after one of their couriers injured his pet rabbit by lobbing a parcel over the fence.

Fenn Settle says his dwarf rabbit Pip was "nearly killed" by the reckless delivery man, after he chucked a 4kg bale of hay six feet over his garden gate.

The 28-year-old was at his home in Shipley, West Yorkshire, when he heard Pip let out a "horrible scream" and discovered her limping.

After struggling to get hold of Amazon, Fenn posted a short clip of the courier carrying the offending package to his home to their Facebook page.

He shared the video and said: "Just had an Amazon delivery. Not attempted our front door, despite us working from home.

"No doubt rushed off his feet with Prime Day, walked straight around to our back garden, tried unlocking a deadbolted 6ft gate, then threw a 4kg package over, that has hit and injured one of our rabbits.

"Rang to raise a complaint, told no one can speak to me for 24-48 hours. Disgusted and a trip to the vets."

After going public with his complaint, Fenn eventually received an £125 voucher from Amazon by way of "an apology".

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An email from their customer service team reads: "As a gesture of goodwill and by way of apology we would like to offer you £125 in Amazon gift certificates to go towards your next purchase as a goodwill gesture."

However, the adviser clarifies that this is being done "without admission of liability."

Speaking on Friday, financial adviser Fenn said: "They're dwarf rabbits, so they're only a bit bigger than kittens.

"Four kilograms from six foot would hurt us as adult people, never mind a rabbit. If this had landed on Pip's head, we'd have a dead baby bunny right now.

"We're quite happy with the resolution, I just hope they're telling drivers to actually knock rather than wandering straight round to people's back gardens and launching parcels over.

"If he'd done her any serious damage, we absolutely wouldn't have accepted that, but because she's okay, it more than covered the cost of the vet consultation.

"We accepted and have bought the bunnies lots of treats with it, and a little outdoor camera we were planning on buying at the end of the month."

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