America wants Pfizer Covid vaccine rolled out NOW as UK gets green light and US suffers most deaths in 1 day since April

THE USA wants to roll out the Pfizer Covid vaccine now after the UK got the green light – but America suffered the most deaths in a day since April.

Outraged Americans reportedly want to know what the hold up is here after Britain's bid to roll out the jab was approved from next week as daily cases topped 180,000 in the United States.

In its latest report to governors, the White House Coronavirus Task Force reportedly noted that the virus risk is at a historic high as the number of Covid inpatients surged to 90,000 and deaths doubled last week.

"We are in an extremely dangerous place due to the current, extremely high baseline and limited hospital capacity," it read. "A further post-Thanksgiving surge will compromise Covid patient care, as well as medical care overall."

But the FDA won't discuss issuing Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Pfizer's vaccine or Moderna's shot until December 10 – and it takes five days for the first doses to start being rolled out, per documents cited by CNN.

But England became the first country in the world to approve the vaccine after its regular MHRA said the vaccine was safe, with 800,000 doses en route already, reported the BBC.

FDA boss Stephen Hahn said the agency needs to look at the raw data and decided whether the vaccine is actually safe, rather than relying solely on the companies.

Scientists and medical experts from Donald Trump's Operation Warp Speed Covid task force assured people that the jabs would be safe.

The Pfizer vaccine is 95percent efficacious (i.e. successful) during the trials, while Moderna said its shot is 94.5percent effective, which experts noted is a higher standard than most vaccines.

Another brand AstraZeneca announced that its vaccine is 70percent effective, for example.

Trump is now putting pressure on the FDA for an approval given the dire situation, while sources said the White House is angry it's been approved overseas first.

"It's crazy to imagine the European Union or UK may approve a vaccine developed in the United States before us though, right?" one source told Politico.

Although Hahn was summoned to Washington DC on Tuesday to explain what was taking so long, the public haven't received an explanation yet – but many people are still wary of a vaccine.

Like masks, vaccines have also become rapidly politicized as some people fear the Trump administration rushed its development as a way to gain clout.

Trump recently complained about the timing of the vaccine announcement being after the election, blasting Moderna and Pfizer for "waiting and waiting and waiting."

He told reporters at a November press briefing that "you wouldn’t have a vaccine if it weren’t for me for another four years."

Conspiracy theorists believe the entire pandemic is a hoax – based on no evidence – implemented by the Democratic Party to get mail-in voting and steal the election from Trump.

An Operation Warp Speed advisor Dr Moncef Slaoui told Good Morning America this is "a big concern" even though "this is what will get us out of this pandemic."

"Politicization of the development process during the previous months, that created a high level of hesitancy, I would say, and decreased trust into the process," Slaoui said.

"I'd like to really tell the American people thatno corners have been cut.

"The development has been done very quickly because we had great science to allow us to do it in weeks and not years.

"The clinical work – the most important part to demonstrate the effectiveness of the vaccine and its safety – has been done to a higher standard than was done normally and a larger number of people.

"The longterm safety over years of these vaccines we don't know yet, just because the pandemic is so high that we're going to need to use them earlier to save lives and get us back to our normal life. But they'll be assessed and studied on an ongoing basis.

"Keep your ears open and mind open listen to the experts those people that you trust after they see the data and then make up your mind. And I think if you do that, most Americans will conclude this is an insurance against this virus, this is what will get us out of this pandemic.

But even if all 328 million people wanted to get the jab, rolling it out would be difficult.

On November 26, Trump told reporters that Covid-19 vaccines would be sent "on the next week or week after" to "frontline workers and seniors."

During a Thanksgiving Video Teleconference, he assured Americans that the jab available to essential workers, medical personnel and senior citizens within a fortnight.

The committee that decides who gets it first are having talks and right now, it seems that healthcare workers and nursing home residents will be the first people to get the vaccine in the Us.

Around 40 million have been ordered by officials in the UK, where elderly people living in nursing homes and the staff there will get vaccinated first, following by the over-80s and health and care staff

This morning, Sr Ugur Sahin, the person who developed the Pfizer vaccine with his wife, said it was a "historic day" to see the first doses of the cure rolled out.

"It is a historic day. I have to admit I feel it is a historic day. It is indeed the beginning of the end of the pandemic," he said, adding that Pfizer's jab should be approved here "within the next two weeks."

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