Apocalyptic wildfire haze heading for New York again – days after flooding

‘Unbelievable’ time-lapse of wildfire smoke in New York

New Yorkers are likely to experience ominous smoky skies again as wildfires rage in Canada.

Officials in the city issues a warning on Sunday evening, with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation forecasting moderate air quality conditions at 55 on its air quality index.

It warns that New York residents with pre-existing health conditions should take necessary precautions due to poor air quality – and comes just days after the Big Apple was battered by heavy rain, leading to flooding.

The department posted on X, formerly Twitter: “Wildfires in Canada continue to produce some smoke impacts in NYS and smoke at high altitudes may be visible downstate today into tomorrow, although fine particulate levels across eastern and northern NY will stay in the Good to Moderate range today as smoke clears.”

New York City Emergency management posted on X: “We are monitoring wildfire smoke from Canada that may pass through the Tri-state area tomorrow. Daily air quality is currently predicted to be in the moderate category.”

Smoke is expected to be visible in the city by around 6pm on Monday, and could linger until Tuesday.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said in a warning to residents on Sunday: “Current forecasts indicate that a plume of wildfire smoke may reach New York City around sunrise Monday morning, causing noticeably hazy skies.”

He added: “Throughout the day tomorrow, New Yorkers should listen to their bodies, especially if they have any pre-existing health conditions and take any necessary precautions to ensure they stay safe. We will continue to update New Yorkers as forecasts solidify.”

It comes around three months after the city was engulfed in a strange orange haze after smoke blew down from neighboring Canada.

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Many New Yorkers wore masks reminiscent of the coronavirus pandemic peak, and some events were cancelled due to appalling air quality.

However, this spell of smoke is not expected to be as severe as the previous incident.

Other parts of the northeast are also forecast to be impacted, including Massachusetts, Vermont, and surrounding areas.

Canada is experiencing its worst wildfire season on record, with the northeastern areas of Ontario and Quebec enduring more than 55 combined active fires as of Sunday night.

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Recent days have seen terrible weather across the east coast city, with a state of emergency declared following flash floods on Friday.

A number of locations reported new record daily rainfall totals, with 226mm recorded at JFK airport and 150mm in Central Park since last Thursday.

Governor Kathy Hochul urged New Yorkers to “stay safe” and to not attempt to walk, cycle or drive in the perilous conditions.

This year, New York experienced its wettest September in 140 years, according to the National Weather Service.

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