Aptly-named BBC reporter goes viral after reporting live from petrol station

BBC Breakfast presenter Phill McCann had viewers in stitches as he reported live from a petrol station forecourt where panic-buying punters were filling up.

The aptly-named roving reporter stood at a filling station in Stockport, Cheshire, as he updated viewers on the latest fuel shortages which are gripping motorists across the UK.

In his report, he told viewers one petrol station had sold more than three times the normal amount yesterday and may not get a delivery for nine days.

But viewers quickly saw the funny side of his name appearing on screen as he reported on motorists filling their cans amid the crisis.

He began to trend on Twitter and saw the funny side himself.

One said: "Well played @BBCBreakfast sending Phil McCann to cover the petrol panic buying. Genius level choice of reporter!"

Another added: "The guy on @BBCBreakfast reporting on the petrol shortages is genuinely called “ Phil McCann".

Another social media user quipped: "Are people stockpiling petrol not according to Phil McCann. Now over to Sonny Spells for the weather."

One viewer tweeted: "So the presenter the BBC sent to Stockport to highlight the panic buying for fuel is called… you guessed it.. Phil McCann"

While another joked: "Was Phil McCarr busy today?"

Another said: "I've been following you on here for ages, it's bizarre to suddenly see your name everywhere this morning. And I never realised the homonym until now either!"

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One viewer shared a shot of the tv and the caption: "If ever there was a roving reporter that could cover a fuel shortage."

Phil, an experienced political reporter with the Beeb, replied: "It's like being back in year 9! #nominativedeterminism "

He later tweeted: "There are worse reasons to trend on Twitter…"

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