BBC boss admits ‘mistake’ in reporting of strike on Gaza hospital

Nigel Farage slams BBC over Hamas reporting

A senior member of the BBC News team openly admitted to a significant error made by the corporation in its coverage of the immediate aftermath of a deadly explosion at a hospital in Gaza City. The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, shocked the world and led to conflicting claims from both Hamas and the Israeli military.

Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group, pointed fingers at an Israeli air strike as the cause behind the devastating attack on the Ahli Arab Hospital. In contrast, the Israeli military countered these allegations, asserting that Palestinian militants had misfired a rocket, leading to the tragic incident.

During the Media Society’s Reporting the Israel-Hamas Conflict event held on Thursday, Jonathan Munro, the deputy chief executive of BBC News, admitted to the mistake made during the network’s live reporting. Munro acknowledged that the BBC’s “language wasn’t quite right” during their coverage of the event, indicating a recognition of the need for greater accuracy and responsibility in their reporting of such sensitive and critical situations.

Munro said: “The correspondent [Jon Donnison] was wrong to speculate about the cause of the explosion of the hospital. At no stage did he actually say it was caused by the Israelis … but nonetheless, when the impression is left that we’ve speculated, [it] is important to correct that which we’ve done.”

He added: “Somewhere along the line, human beings are going to make a mistake on a bit of output and when it gets magnified and is used as an example of getting things wrong, it’s a very uncomfortable place to be.

“And of course, it shouldn’t have happened and we need to make sure that we’re doubling down on … [keeping] our language absolutely accurate.”



  • IDF has ‘green light’ to launch ground invasion of Gaza as US delivers devastating weapons07:53
  • IDF has ‘green light’ to launch ground invasion of Gaza as US delivers devastating weapons

    The Israeli military is poised to launch its much anticipated ground invasion of the Gaza Strip in response to Hamas’ murderous rampage in the holy land that left at least 1,400 Israelis dead.

    The country’s Economy Minister Nir Barkat told ABC News Thursday that the Israeli Defense Forces has a “green light” to begin an offensive. The go-ahead immediately after the arrival of a huge arms shipment from the US.

    “We shall do all efforts to bring our hostages, to bring our hostages [back] alive,” he insisted while reiterating that the “first and last priority” is destroying Hamas, in an apparent attempt to assuage international concerns that many innocent Palestinians will die.

    Yoav Gallant, who is the country’s defence minister, told Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) soldiers to “get organised, be ready” to move into the Palestinian territory as he vowed there would be ‘no forgiveness’ for Hamas, only it’s “total annihilation”.

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