BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns Brits for band of rain to spark heavy downpours

BBC warns bands of rain and cooler temperatures across the week

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The BBC Weather meteorologist said rain is set to slowly move across the country through Monday and Tuesday. Carol Kirkwood forecast the front pushing the rain forward will also cause pretty strong gales for some areas, with wind speeds reaching as high as 45mph. Ms Kirkwood said: “There is rain, it’s coming in from the west this morning.

And this week is looking very changeable. For starters, the first half of the week is going to be reasonably mild, the second half is going to be much colder with some hill snow.

“Gales are possible and heavy rain at times. But to show you the temperature differentials, the amber and yellows represent the milder air so this is what we’ve got in the first half of the week.

“But look how the blues eventually overtake as we head towards the second half of the week, where temperatures really take a tumble.

“Today we’ve got this weather front coming in from the west moving eastwards.”

The BBC Weather forecaster noted temperatures will be relatively high for this time of the year, with thermometers expected to hit 21C by Tuesday once the cloud lifts.

Ms Kirkwood continued: “As the isobars tell you, it’s breezy wherever you are. Gusty winds across the far north of Scotland, gusts of 40-45mph.

“First thing this morning, there’s fog to watch out for, that will lift some of it just into low cloud as the rain comes across from the west towards the east, heaviest across the north of Scotland through the afternoon, leaving in its wake a lot of cloud and some dankness.

“Brightening up a bit in Northern Ireland but for much of England and Wales, we’re having on to a lot of cloud and again some drizzle in the hills and coast as the band of rain continues to push towards the southeast and also the Channel Islands for the rush hour.

“Temperatures 10C in the north, 18C in the south.”

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The rain will slowly subside overnight, leaving British skies clearer and pushing temperatures into mild levels.

Ms Kirkwood added: “At this time of year, the average temperatures are 12C across the north in Scotland to about 15C as we push down towards the southeast.

“Through this evening and overnight, eventually we say goodbye to the rain in the southeast and also the northeast.

“We’ll be left with a lot of dry weather and some cloud until the next band of rain sweeps in from the west. 

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“These are our overnight lows, which are representative of what we would expect during the day at this time of year rather than by night, so we’re looking at a mild night ahead.

“Now, tomorrow our band of rain continues to push northwards and eastwards, it will be followed by some showers but with some dry spells, particularly across the southeastern quarter of England where we should see some sunny spells as well.

“And if that’s the case we could hit highs of 21C, but even if you’re in the cloud and the rain, you’re looking at the mid to high teens.”

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