BBC Weather: Kirkwood warns of heavy downpours as ‘unseasonably warm’ temperatures hit

BBC Weather: Kirkwood forecasts ‘unseasonably warm’ temperatures

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BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood has forecast higher than normal temperatures for the time of year with Britons set to enjoy “unseasonably warm” weather. However, she told BBC Breakfast that two weather fronts are currently squeezing the UK from east and west bringing much rainfall and murky fog to the likes of western Scotland as well as the northeast. Despite the cloud and drizzle, Ms Kirkwood predicted a balmy end of the week for most.

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “As we move through the next few days it is going to remain unseasonably warm by day and by night.

“The latest temperatures you may be interested in are these Belfast 17, Rhyl 17, Mumbles 17, York 11.

“These would be pretty good maximum temperatures in the middle of the afternoon at this time of year, not early in the morning.

“So you can see how the trend is developing.

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The weatherwoman then pointed out a waining weather front which is bringing rain.

She said: “There will be rain for you not always in the same place.

“So we have got our first front which through overnight across the northeast that will move up towards the Northern Isles.

“And then we have got the waining weather front out towards the west of Scotland and also Northern Ireland.

BBC Weather: UK forecast unseasonably warm temperatures

“A lot of cloud around this morning, some thick cloud particularly in the west.

“On the coast and hills there will be some drizzle around,” she continued.

“But as we go through the morning one or two breaks will start to develop in this cloud.

“We will start to see a little bit of sunshine but there will be more cloud around than sunshine today.


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Ms Kirkwood added: “So the rain persisting across Northern Ireland and western Scotland through the day.

“Through the next few days, we will start to see large rainfall amounts land across the likes of Lochaber, Argle and Bute, Mull, Tyrie those kinds of areas.

“It might lead to some flooding issues.

“But as we look at the temperatures you can see 13 to 20 more or less across the board.”

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