Biden is using migrants to make 'white people the minority' and turn US into 'another country,' Trump appointee claims

FORMER President Donald Trump's West Point appointee is spreading a conspiracy that President Joe Biden is "replacing" white Americans with immigrants.

The appointee, Douglas Macgregor, is known for making inflammatory comments about race and gender.

In an interview in April, Macgregor said that the Biden administration is trying to "bring in as many people as they possibly can" from Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

"The idea is that they have to bring in as many non-Europeans as possible in order to outnumber the numbers of Americans of European ancestry who live in the United States," Macgregor said.

 "I don't think there's any point in questioning it. That is the policy," he continued. "It is a deliberate policy to enact demographic change."

He added that "criminals" were immigrating to the country illegally, echoing a popular line by Former President Trump.

"All of this is part of the grand plan. This is what Mr. Biden and his supporters want," Macgregor said. "They want another country. They don't want the United States."

White House officials have condemned Macgregor's statements, telling CNN there is "no place in public service for racism."

"These hateful and grotesque sentiments are antithetical to the values and character of our nation and armed forces–whose standards, excellence, and professionalism are without comparison," White House spokesperson Andrew Bates said.

Macgregor, a retired army colonel, was appointed to West Point's Board of Visitors by Trump in the last months of his presidency.

Trump had previously tried to nominate Macgregor to be the ambassador to Germany, but that effort stalled out when CNN reported on Macgregor's past comments on minorities and the Holocaust.

The West Point board the Macgregor sits on meets a few times per year to oversee the military academy's morale and discipline.

According to CNN, a White House official has said that Macgregor's position on the board is currently under review.

Macgregor's conspiracy theory on immigration resembles those of other prominent conservatives who have pushed "white replacement theory," such as Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The sentiment appears to be a response to America's growing diversity.

In 2018, Carlson did a segment on his Fox News show detailing the demographic shifts in some American neighborhoods.

He doubled down on the idea in 2021, suggesting that Democrats are trying to "dilute" white voter power with immigrant votes.

"The Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate – the voters now casting ballots – with new people, more obedient voters from the Third World," Carlson said in April.

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