Bikers screech to a halt to allow a TIGER to cross a road in India

I’ve heard of a zebra crossing, but this is ridiculous! Bikers screech to a halt to allow a TIGER to cross a road in India

  • Bikers in central India got a shock when a 40st Bengal tiger crossed a busy road
  • Predator pictured just feet away from traffic in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve
  • Moment captured by Bhargava Srivari, 29, who said tigers usually avoid people

Motorists are used to seeing a zebra crossing up ahead.

But a 40 stone tiger? Not so much.

These bikers in India were stunned when they were forced to slam on the brakes as an enormous tiger stopped them in their tracks.

The deadly predator was pictured strolling across the busy road just feet away from the oncoming traffic in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

Meals on wheels… almost: Bikers got a shock when this 40st Bengal tiger decided to stroll across a busy road in central India, forcing them to slam on the brakes

The reserve is home to around 80 wild tigers but, according to the budding wildlife photographer who managed to capture the moment, they usually avoid people.

Bhargava Srivari, 29, said: ‘I knew deep down that the tiger would try his best to avoid the road or at least try not to be seen by people while he crossed.

‘However he seemed to have decided that as he had company in any case, it was just best to jog across the road into the other side of the forest.

‘While the tiger was certainly taken by surprise just as much as the bikers, I don’t think he ever intended to attack them.

‘It is not easy to be exposed to a 250-kilo killing machine on a motorbike and keep your calm. 

‘So kudos to these bikers for holding it together and patiently waiting for the tiger to walk across.’ 

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