Bikini model ignites fury over simple photo she posted while in labour

When you think of what labour entails , images of sweaty, pale, grimacing women are possibly what springs to mind. And with good reason, too – it's a messy business.

Most people certainly don't expect mums-to-be to look polished, calm and camera-ready as those contractions start to get more painful.

Which is probably why model Hannah Polites' most recent post has seen the mum come under fire. Members of the public apparently don't like it when women go off script and do things their way.

Hannah, a bikini model and midwife shared an image of her posing with her husband and daughter in coordinated outfits along with a sign reading:  "Woohoo! Mama is in labour and baby is nearly here!"

Having shared updates about her pregnancy with her 1.3 million followers and having had some fun with them along the way, Hannah no doubt meant the announcement to be a continuation of this.

Unfortunately, not everyone took the post in the spirit with which it was intended.

The image sparked a huge backlash, with people taking exception to everything from her decision to wear make-up to her taking a few moments to pose for a photo.

"Is taking the time to set up a staged photo for Instagram when you're in labour problematic?" one wrote.

"I think it's bizarre that everything on Instagram has to be staged and 'squared' for everyone to see," another sniped. "Surely a quick tired selfie would have been more appropriate."

One woman took another dig, writing: "She's like, 'Ready to push', posting photos with a full face of makeup and in a designer hospital gown."

"Is there a need for a full face of makeup for this announcement?" weighed in another critic.

Hannah later revealed she'd given birth to a healthy baby boy, Arlo.

One thing that's worth remembering is that during the early stages if labour, you can still potter around and do things. With it also being her second time around, the mum-of-two also probably knew what to expect more.

Luckily many leaped to Hannah's defence.

Of the new mum's decision to post her update, one woman wrote: "Each to their own," one woman wrote. "It's not my style and I couldn't pull it off, but she's about to have a baby so she can do whatever she likes."

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