Black woman is attacked by mob of Trump supporters during rally in LA

Trump supporter protects black woman after angry MAGA mob ‘shoved her, ripped off her wig, and called her the N-word’ when she walked past a Stop the Steal rally in LA

  • Berlinda Nibo was attacked by an angry mob of Trump supporters during a ‘Stop the Steal’ rally in LA 
  • The 25-year-old was targeted by the group of white supremacists while walking past the event outside City Hall on Wednesday afternoon 
  • Members of the crowd began hurling abuse at her while asking her if she had voted for President Trump 
  • Nibo said she tried to dismiss the agitators and ‘flipped them off’, but was quickly surrounded by the mob
  • The altercation quickly turned violent as one woman yanked off Nibo’s red wig while reportedly calling her a ‘n***er b***h’, while two men holding American flags began beating her
  • A nearby white man, identified as Roy Ball, who had been attending the event stepped in to give her a bear hug and managed to pull her to safety 
  • The man, however, was initially accused of being one of the aggressors after photos of him embracing Nibo went viral 
  • The social media outrage eventually caught the attention of his employer, a Toyota car dealership, which responded by firing him 
  • Nibo has since cleared the air explaining the man was her ‘hero’ and actually saved her life during the ordeal 

Astonishing images have emerged showing the moment a white Trump supporter reportedly came to a black woman’s rescue after an angry mob of MAGA fans attacked her, ripped off her wig, and called her the N-word during a ‘Stop the Steal’ rally in Los Angeles.

Berlinda Nibo, 25, had been walking past the pro-Trump protest on her way home on Wednesday when she began to be harassed by members of the crowd asking her if she voted for the president. 

The woman, who lives just two blocks away from City Hall where the rally took place, said she tried to dismiss the agitators and ‘flipped them off’ before continuing her walk home.

But as she tried to walk away, a mob of ‘at least 20 Trump supporters’ surrounded her and began shouting abuse in her face and shoving her among members of the crowd. 

The altercation quickly turned violent as one woman yanked off Nibo’s red wig while reportedly calling her a ‘n***er b***h’, and two men holding American flags began beating her.   

The black woman, who was alone, had been left virtually defenseless until finally receiving help from an unlikely source. A nearby white man who had been attending the event stepped in to give her a bear hug and managed to pull her to safety. 

A white Trump supporter (pictured) who was attending Wednesday’s Stop the Steal rally in Los Angeles, pulled Berlinda Nibo (pictured) to safety after she was attacked by a mob of MAGA fans

Nibo, 25, who lives two blocks away from LA City Hall where the protest took place, said she had been walking home when members of the crowd began harassing and hurling abuse at her

Photos of the horrific scene captured the moment violent protesters ripped off Nibo’s red wig during the altercation 

The horrific attack – as well as the man’s heroic gesture – was captured on camera by freelance photojournalist Raquel Natalicchio who shared the photos in an Instagram post that has now gone viral. 

But Natalicchio had initially claimed that the man had been assaulting Nibo, sparking widespread condemnation on social media that led him to get fired from his job.

Berlinda Nibo (pictured in as social media photo) called the man her ‘hero’ 

Nibo addressed the incident in an interview with news outlets and clarified that the man holding her – identified as Roy Ball – was her ‘hero’, not an aggressor.

‘If not for him stepping in at that moment, these people would have literally tried to kill me,’ she told NBC 4.  

‘That guy, I call him my hero. That guy picked me up, was whispering in my ear, telling me, “Keep going. You’re OK. I got you, I have your phone. You’re OK, I’m going to get you out of here. These people are trying to kill you”.’  

Nibo told the news station she was ‘heartbroken’ over the attack that left her feeling like she can no longer walk down her street anymore in peace.  

She explained the protesters had instigated the altercation by ‘calling me the N-word calling me the B-word, saying, “All lives matter, Black lives doesn’t matter”.’

When she yelled back, the crowd began following her and one man became hostile and smacked her in the face.

‘And then all of them start trying to jump me, and then people jump in,’ Nibo told CBS LA. 

In her Instagram post, Nataliccho said ‘men holding flag poles began beating [Nibo] alongside others who were punching her.’  

‘At one point a Trump supporter grabbed her from behind, restricting her ability to defend herself , as she continued to get maced right in the eyes,’ she incorrectly said of Ball. 

‘The police line was right behind me in this photo. Not one officer stepped in. It took two bystanders and myself dragging her out and running over to the police line for safety.’  

As the images began circulating on social media, Nibo’s supporters shared Twitter posts identifying Ball and his employer in hopes of bringing attention to his apparent violent behavior. 

One tweet was even shared by actress Jane Lynch, who identified Ball as an employee at a Toyota dealership in West Covina. 

A Trump supporter, identified as Roy Ball, stepped in to give Nibo a bear hug and managed to pull her to safety

Ball had initially been denounced as a white supremacist agitator on social media by Nibo’s supporters who thought he had been assaulting her

Astonishing photos showed bystanders rushing to help after Nibo was pepper sprayed in the face 

The young black woman is seen being treated moments after she was attacked 

The company then released a statement in response, denouncing his alleged behavior and announcing it was cutting ties with Ball.

‘The actions in these photos are inconsistent with Toyota’s guiding principle of Respect for People. We do not condone this conduct. While Toyota dealerships are independently owned and operated entities, we can confirm this person is no longer employed by any Toyota dealership,’ they said in a tweet. 

Nibo later cleared the air explaining Ball had actually saved her life, which was later included in an update shared by Natalicchio.

The photographer however, noted that Ball had been ‘filmed earlier that same day leading several crowds that verbally and physically assaulted a woman of color’. 

Nibo confirmed that she has spoken to law enforcement and called Ball’s employer to inform them that he had helped her during the ordeal, but did not say what their response was.

Earlier, the LAPD announced it was investigating the ‘disturbing images’ taken at the protest and confirmed a ‘designated area was established within the protest location for individuals to report crimes and/or seek medical attention.’  

Police later released an updated statement Thursday confirming Ball was not one of the aggressors. 

‘The individual seen in the images with his arms wrapped around her – per the victim’s statement- was determined to be a Good Samaritan that helped her get away from the hostile crowd, by carrying her to safety,’ cops said. 

Actress Jane Lynch was among the people who named and shamed Ball on Twitter, causing him to lose his job at a Toyota dealership in West Covina

The company responded to the tweet condemning his alleged behavior and announcing it had cut ties with Ball

The LAPD, who is investigating the incident as a hate crime, released an update confirming Ball was a ‘Good Samaritan’ during the altercation

Nibo did not suffer any major injuries in the attack but sustained a scratch to her face and had been pepper sprayed. 

Natalicchio said she chose to publicize the photos of the attack to show the violence and hatred black people face in America. 

‘People of color experience things like this on a daily basis and are seldom believed when they speak about it,’ she told the news station. ‘It’s real sad,’ she said. ‘We gotta do better. We got to do better.’

The LAPD said it is now investigating the incident as a hate crime and encouraged witnesses to come forward to help them track down the assailants. 

Several people were arrested during the rally after clashes between Trump supporters, counter-protesters and police. 

Some images posted to social media showed people with blood on their faces but no serious injuries were reported. 

Officials were eventually forced to declare an unlawful assembly after the crowd of about 200 people gathered outside City Hall and the LA Police Department headquarters.

It came as protesters elsewhere across the country took to the streets as President-elect Joe Biden was set to be certified as the winner of the November election.

The incident was captured on camera by freelance photojournalist Raquel Natalicchio who shared the photos in an Instagram post that has now gone viral. She later clarified that Ball had been assisting Nibo, not assaulting her

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