Bloke saves generations of memories after finding suitcase in skip

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A man has saved generations of family memories after finding a suitcase tossed in a skip.

Ollie, 30, who has chosen not to give his last name, was the neighbour of a man named Evan Thomas.

The pair lived near each other in Queensdale Road, Mossley Hill, Liverpool.

However, they had barely spoken until the coronavirus pandemic when Ollie's partner wanted to make sure local residents were OK.

He told the Liverpool Echo: “We posted a letter in to our elderly neighbours to see if they needed anything from the shops, stuff like that.

“One in particular, a guy called Evan Thomas, was a bit of a hermit crab. He very much kept himself to himself, so he didn't need any help.

“I'd only said hello to him once or twice and, bless him, he kind of growled at me – he very much did his own thing.

“It got to around March and one of the neighbours next to him had heard a scream coming from the door and they had to call the ambulance and the police.

“It turns out Evan had a fall, bless him, and he was taken to hospital – the next thing I know, a couple of weeks later, there are builders in his house throwing all his stuff in a skip as he'd unfortunately passed away.”

According to one of the builders, Mr Thomas died, aged around 70 or 80, during the night, alone in hospital.

During the emptying of the home, Ollie spotted a “battered” old suitcase which had been chucked into the skip.

Having taken in out, he opened it to find old photos dating back around 100 years, which show the family started life in North Wales before moving to their Liverpool home.

Ollie added: “Our houses were built in the 1900s, and they'd been here from what looks like the very beginning.

“There's a picture of them in the alleyway, it's insane, it's like the lineage of a family of three generations and it's been in my house for the past couple of months.”

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As has become the norm in today's world, Ollie took to Facebook to find out more details.

Posting on the Penny Lane Gossip group, Ollie believes that Mr Thomas had lost touch with a sister, niece and nephew who was possibly called Tommy Williams.

The suitcase also included invitations for weddings, Valentine's Day cards, and a music certificate, as well as photos of Mr Thomas from his younger days.

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