Bloke who ‘dreamed’ winning £10m lottery numbers wishes he never won the jackpot

A bloke who bagged himself a cool £10million says he wished he'd never won after "dreaming numbers" that nabbed him the eye-watering amount.

Mark Lipsham dreamed up the winning lottery numbers and has said that he wishes he hadn't won the life-changing amount due to the inner struggles it brought out.

The 53-year-old former truck driver quit his job the day after he'd won the hefty sum, but says that he found it "very hard" to cope with his newfound earnings.

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So difficult a change it was for Lipsham that he says the amount of cash he won had worried him and caused "depression, stress and frustration".

He said: "I found that very hard and it led me to a place of problems – problems with myself because I wasn't operating how I always operated."

Despite the huge earnings, Lipsham continued to live in his modest home and didn't make any major purchases, but after two years of sitting on the cash, he was introduced by a neighbour to someone who "apparently knew about money".

A hefty charge of £60,000 was given to Lipsham, who employed them to coach him on his health, relationships, legal affairs and finances.

The neighbour allegedly told Lipsham that the life coach was "very expensive and likes to be paid when they ask for it".

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But after travelling for a few months with his daughters and deciding to invest the money in property, Mark says his expensive advisor had refused to speak to him and made off with almost £1.5million.

Lipsham's bank balance had dwindled down to £6.2million, which is when the former military personnel launched a legal battle against the advisor.

The lucky lotto winner added: "In the end, it really wasn't help at all. I actually got conned and out of quite a lot of money."

The dispute has since been settled out of court, LADBible reported.

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