‘Booty Slapping Championships’ in Russia after face slapping success

A low blow! ‘Booty Slapping Championships’ launched in Russia after success of face slapping craze

  • In March, the male face slapping tournament went viral across the world
  • Now a female event has emerged – ‘The Booty Slapping Championships’
  • Fitness fanatics and models took part at the Yashankin Cup in Siberia
  • They aim to slap each other so hard that they make their opponent step forward 

Russian women are competing in a new backside slapping tournament, following the sensational rise of the male face slapping competitions.

In March, the ‘Male Slapping Championships’ in Siberia went viral across the world as the concussion-inducing face slaps drew interest from athletes and podcast host Joe Rogan.

The new female variant – ‘The Booty Slapping Championships’ – saw women whacking each other’s bottoms on stage at the Yashankin Cup in Siberia.

They attempt to hit each other’s rear ends so hard that they cause their opponent to step forward, much less brutal than the men’s face slapping which requires a competitor to submit. 

Russian model Anastasia Zolotaya delivers a powerful blow to her opponent’s rear end at the Yashankin Cup

One of the women delivers a near catastrophic blow to her fellow athlete’s rear end, but she manages to maintain her stance

The women’s championships took place alongside another variation of the bizarre men’s sport, with competitors hitting each other’s bare shoulders.

Many of the competitors were super fit models who spend much of their time honing their buttocks to withstand the onslaught at competition, RT reported.  

One of the victors at the tournament was Anastasia Zolotaya who is known to work tirelessly on her figure, often doing squats to toughen her backside. 

Many other similar male slapping tournaments have now been seen across Russia, but it remains to be seen whether ‘The Booty Slapping Championships’ will find wider appeal.  

Vasily Kamotsky became an internet sensation earlier this year when the hulking bearded man won 30,000 rubles (£350 or $466) with his battering at the slapping tournament.

Victorious: Anastasia Zolotaya is a famed Russian Instagram model who often documents her intense fitness regime

Tournament winner Vasily Kamotsky, right, dishes out a brutal slap to his opponent at the bizarre event in March in Siberia 

The competition formed part of the Siberian Power Show, a two-day extravaganza which also featured pole dancing and ‘mass wrestling’. 

The slap championship was timetabled as a two-hour event on the second day of the Power Show.

Tickets to the Krasnoyarsk showpiece cost 400 rubles (five pounds, or six U.S. dollars).

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